One of my absolute favorites starting with her appearance in book 4. But you wouldn't know her from #Gameofthrones because OH YEAH, they WROTE HER OUT. The heiress to Dorne just... nope, doesn't exist anymore. BS. 

It was one thing when they changed out Jeyne Westerling for Talisa but now they wrote the Sand Snakes into ridiculousness and nixed Arianne's existance, wrote out Jeyne Poole and turned her into Sansa... Why? Is it really that bad for there to be females other than Margaery, Cersei and Dany?? 

I think they are losing out on a lot in Dorne and it's not to the benefit of the show. 

#ASongofIceandFire #asoiaf #Dorne #ArianneMartell #houseMartell #rant
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