- "Part of Your World." Best part of any movie ever. It makes most any little girl go operatic...I speak from experience. xD

Mary Kate Wiles is gorgeous and adorable and I want to be her. If you don't know show she is or what she's from...WATCH THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES. It's a modern-day adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and it's incredible and so freaking well-done. Oh god. It's painful to watch the Lydia Diaries too (her spinoff webseries) now, because WIIIICKHAAAAM. I WILL GET YOU.

She's also in Squaresville online, which I'm also in love with. It's pretty my town too, a tiny SoCal suburb. And all the characters feel like they came from a John Green book or even a John Hughes film. I love it.

Ah. Anway. I'm done now. ;)

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