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Arm workouts are not talked about much. But arm workouts can give your arms that pretty toned look, and, something I ADORE, that little muscle bump :)
Now, you can do the following as much/as little as you want to get different results. Want muscular arms? Do it until you get them. Want nicely toned arms? Do it until you get them. Just stop/tone it down whenever you want. :)

Start slow, with 5-10 lbs. If you dont have weights, use cans of food or jugs of milk (just dont drop it- it'll explode). 

Remember to keep your body in a straight line :)

Same as above...

+Swan Arms
This is from Ballet Beautiful workouts and based on Swan Lake. Hold your arms out straight to the sides. Lift to the ceiling (shoulders down), elbows leading (your arm should bend a little) bring them down to your sides. Now, elbows and forearm leading again, bring them up again. Repeat the up and down motions for as long as possible. You will definantly feel a burn and break into sweat, trust me. It sounds easy and is so. hard. but so good.

+Arm Bends
Another amazing Ballet beautiful workout- go get the dvds from the library- you won't regret it! Sit on the floor, legs bent a little more than ninety degrees. Keep the whole bottom of your foot on the floor. Lean back slightly, weight in your hands. Your hands should be directly beneath your shoulders, on the floor. Keep your arms straight. Have your finger be pointing straight. Using your arms, raise yourself off the floor slightly (not your feet, obviously. But only use them to balance not hold yourself up- there should be very very little weight in them). Now bend your arms as low as possible and raise them again. Do at least 15 of these and then pause. Turn your fingers facing the sides, away from you and repeat. Do it again with your fingers facing behind you. The turning will target different arm muscles. The advanced/harder version has your feet half pointed- you're on the balls of your feet, heels raised. Hope that's clear? :S

Ballet really will help you- all of those arm positions have to be held for a while, giving you beautifully toned arms. :)

+Arm Circles
Start small for 30 sec, then big. Increase as you gain strength

Thats all I have for now... Hope that helps! and good luck!



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