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3/7 Guitars under the Stars 
Perhaps the only thing more musically romantic than classical guitar, is tango on the classical guitar. You’ll valet park at one of Austin’s premiere, breathtaking venues, and enjoy a spectacular dinner and open bar, with a fabulous dance floor awaiting just up the stone and iron-work staircase. 
Tickets are $175 all proceeds go to the Austin Classical Guitar Society. 
Where: One World Theatre 
Attire: Cocktail 
Musician: Benjamin Davis 
Interior Designer: Sasha Dubois 


I walked into the One World Theatre , i was among the first few people to arrive. I looked around the place that has been transformed into a high class restaurant. I spotted Sasha running around checking each table. It was amusing and a little sad at the same time.

 "Why don't you relax?" I said after walking up to her , I had decided to do the right thing and stop the girl before she burned a whole in the ground. 

 She turned to look at me, "I officially can't stop" She replied. Well that was perfectly sane.

"Sasha you can easy up."I said with a nervous laugh , I had seen her go around the room twice now. " The place look's great, trust me." I said honestly.

 "You are only saying that." She said running a hand through hair. "God i hope no one is allergic to roses." she said to herself.

 "No, I am not just saying that it does like great." I said , I would never lie to people about their work. If it looked terrible i would have told her regardless of her feelings.

"Ok" She said before closing her eyes and taking a deep breathe, "Ok" She said cooling off "now I have to stop". 

 "Yes" I reiterated, "or you're gonna sweat in that dress" I added with a smirk looking her over. She did look good in that dress it would be ashame for it to be ruined by sweat stains.

She looked down at her dress "It seems safe" She stated, "for now". 

"Why don't we relax and get something to drink?" I suggest pointing towards the open bar. I mean after all what is more relaxing then free booze.

 "Yeah some free drinks will raise my morale" She sighed with a smile.

"Free drinks make the world go round." I said smiling widely. My favourite part of any party was the drinks. 

 "So you alone tonight?" Sasha asked "Not surprising." She added.

 "Should i be offended by that?" I said pretending to think about it.

 " And where is your date? and don't tell me you don't have one cause i've seen you working the boys." I said with a cheeky smile. 

She blushed a little, "He should come" She said half smiling, "I hope that he'll come" She added in a much more confident tone. We both waited for the bartender to show up , elbows on the counter as we waited. The bartender showed up.

 "What can i bring you?"

 "For me a Margarita" She replied as she fixed the fake rose in her hair. Nice to know she was sticking to the rose theme of the night.

"Whiskey Please." I said nodding towards the bar tender.

 "Whiskey isn't that a bit cliched?" Sasha asked with a teasing smile. 

 I shrugged "Maybe. I don't really care it taste good."

She nodded, "you got a point" She said.That was true i always had a point "So, are you ready to move your hips?" She asked smirking

I raised an eyebrow at that particular comment a smirk gracing my face. She clearly hadn't thought that comment through or she was more adventrous then i thought. Sasha scoffed rolling her eyes "Not like that Brendon. I meant dancing." 

"Yeah i would still raise an eyebrow at that." I said "I don't dance."

"Woah stop your enthusiasm here before someone gets hurt" She joked raising her hands.

 "Are you fooling me?" I asked despite knowing that she was. 

 She raised an eyebrow , "No. Why are you thinking that?" She smiled.

"Just a thought." I said with a smile. The bartender had returned with our drinks. "To the interior designer?" I said raising my glass in a mock toast. "And to the graphic designer"She added before we clinked our glass together.

"Ahh someone who appreciates my work." I said before sipping my drink. "We should hang out more often. Why don't we hang out more often?"

"Because you don't dance" She teased , I rolled my eyes why would i ever need to dance . "Just kidding" She added taking a sip of her drink "I'd like to hear your band rocking" She said trying to mimic the drums movement. 

"Would you really?" I asked trying not to laugh at her attempts to air drum. "You don't strike me as a rock type of girl."

 "Please i can mosh with the best of them." She said a grin on her face. "Haven't you ever heard not to judge a book by its cover " I looked her shaking my head.

 "So when will I have the occasion to hear you?" She added quickly probably embarrassed for using that saying

"Well" I started "You might wanna check with Ryan because he is more reliable at this type of thing but i think we have a gig next weekend." I said nodding. I wasn't a hundred percent sure but Cara had been insisting on band practices.

 She nodded "And your the lead singer right?" She asked , i nodded "Yup." I said popping the p. 

 "So can you sing now." She asked grinning. "Well i would love to but you know i don't want to spoil anything for you."

"Aaaw what a kind guy" She smirked, "I should say thank you, right?"

 "You have to" I corrected. 

 "Ok, thank you Brend-". She stopped as her cell phone began to ring. "Sorry." she said pulling her phone out and reading the message. Whatever the message was i assume it wasn't want she wanted to read if the look of disappoint was anything to go by.

 "Who was it?" I asked curiously.

She turned to look at me as she put her phone back in her bag "Nothing. Just it seems that I won't have my romantic dance tonight" She replied sharply.

"Ah." I said nodding understanding why she felt disappointed. "Romantic dance's are overrated anyway."

 "Thank you for your rather crappy attempts at cheering me up."

 "I am being serious romantic dances are just bleh. The best kinda of dances are where people dance like idiots.Makes it more fun you know.

She smiled at her half full glass, "I guess that we're in the wrong place then" 

"Possibly." I shrugged "But who cares really?"

"I suggest another drink because we don't care" She said raising her arm trying to get the bartenders attention. So she was one of those girls , ones who would drink away their feelings. I approve.

 "You haven't already finished that one" I said in mock disappointment. I mean if you are going to get wasted you had to do it right don't you.

She looked at the glass and then at me, "Is it a challenge?" She smirked. She took the glass and made it empty just with one sip. "Good, now there're no more hitchs"

"Not all." I said grinning at her antic's. People always seemed to get funner , or atleast drunker when the were borderline heartbroken.

 "So what are you having next? Sticking to the Margarita's?" I asked.

"Nope" She said popping the p, "I need something more strong. A vodka tonic for example" She said to the barman who just appeared. Great timing really.

"Woah rebel." I joked smirking "I'll have the same as before , thanks." I said to the barman.

"Here you go" said the barman putting our drinks in front of us.

 "Thanks" She replied to the barman, "so" She said to me, "we cheer to..." 

 "To the young night"I suggested raising the glass. 

She did the same, "To the young night then"
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