Arrival to the Capitol

I was shaking. Actually shaking. 
Whether in trepidation or fear or even just from pure adrenaline I didn’t know, I just knew I couldn’t control the way my hands were vibrating at my sides incessantly. I took several deep breaths, which I knew from experience were meant to be calming. They weren’t, I couldn’t even take one breath, let alone take deep breaths. So I bit my lip, licked my lips and curled my hands into fists until I could feel the familiar dig of my nails biting into the skin of my palms. All habits I often repeated when I was nervous. 
Theo seemed to notice my shakes. He smiled and lightly took hold of my clammy palm but instead of wincing at the sweat he smiled again. 
“It’ll be alright.” he whispered. 
I nodded, biting my lip again. 
“Yeah, course it will.” I said back, still shaking. 
He nodded and smirked before turning away from me and letting his eyes grow distant. Almost as if he was thinking of being somewhere else entirely. Then all too soon, the train came to a halt. 
I tried to take another deep breath. 
I failed. 
We stepped out of the train door and I was instantly bombarded by smells too intense for me to take in at first. I could smell perfume, artificially flowery like Kami’s as well as nail polish, lavender and wine. It was different, being surrounded by such finery even if it was merely buildings. There was something else that announced to me that we had arrived in the Capitol if the scenery hadn‘t given it away; the photographers. The flash of their cameras and their shouts for us to look at them as we were ushered towards a sleek looking black car. It reminded me of those few I’d seen around town, often transporting men and women dressed in equally sleek suits. 
I wobbled about in these black wedge shoes Kami had placed me in. 
“They’ll tie you over until we get you to the centre.” she had said, smiling in her manic way. 
I just nodded, keeping my thoughts to myself was probably the best way of dealing with her. I remember looking over and seeing Theo sniggering at me while Kami blabbered on about how wonderful the shoes made my legs look, Finnick smiling right alongside him. The urge to stick my tongue out at them or to flip them off had been almost unbearable, either way it was a bit too childish for a tribute. 
So I sucked it up. The outfit she had me in wasn’t too bad either, just a simple pair of jeans, top and cardigan. Really, this was more me than anything I think I’d ever wear again after this. Oh god, I was thinking about it again. Shaking my head to clear it I tried my hardest to keep my face blank of emotion so that I didn’t give any of the confusing and conflicting thoughts away to the prying eyes of the story hungry paparazzi. 
Together we pushed our way through the sea of people all in rather ridiculous clothing, raging in bright colours and often all sporting or incorporating a rose into the shirt, tie even shoe design. This must have been the current fashion in the Capitol. 
We clambered into the car, sliding onto the shiny leather seating that looked expensive enough to cost more money than I’d ever see in my life. 
Theo turned to look at me then faced forward, the movement almost too quick for me to notice. Behind him I could make out the flash of cameras every millisecond or so through the tinted glass. 
“No backing out now.” 
I looked up at him from the corner of my eye. His eyes were still distant, but not entirely emotionless. What he was feeling though, I hadn’t the foggiest. 
“We couldn’t back out even if we had the chance.” I murmured under my breath but by the way he tensed beside me I think he heard me.
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