Ivy looked up and the sky and almost teared up. She was leaving her home, and her mother. The only family she had. She hoped she would find some friends here. Ivy walked through the glass door and inhaled her G perfume. She walked up the main desk and saw a petite old woman who wore a tag the read: 'hello, my name is Florinda'. She was such a cute old lady. 

"Hello, Florinda. I was looking for the room that has the sign-ups," I told her and smiled. 

"Yes, go to room 204, please," she pointed in the direction in which to go in. I thanked her and walked away nervously. I walked through the door way and smiled. I was the first there! I walked right up to the desk where the sign-ups were, and circled my favorites, first, math and world cultures. Just then a very pretty girl walked up to me and smiled. She took a piece of paper and started circling. 

"Hey, i'm Piper... What's your name?" she asked in a cute voice.

"I'm ivy. Nice to meet you piper. So what classes are you taking?" I asked. She told me, and as it turns out, she is doing most of the same classes as me.
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