Arriving to Camp Half-Blood

The car ride to camp was eternal. I was even starting to doubt whether this 'camp' existed or not.
“Logan, are you sure this Camp Half-Blood exists and that it's not a cult?” I asked. The name Half-Blood skived me out.
“Yes and no. Half-Blood means you're the child of a god.”
“...Well weren't we all created by--”
“Not that God, a Greek god.”
I laughed nervously, “You mean like Poseidon and Zeus and all that mythology bull--”
“Precisely.” He nodded, his eyes focused on the road.
“But that's fiction!”
“No it isn't.” He shook his head, his eyes focusing this time on me.
“Dallas, have you ever wondered why do you have ADHD and dyslexia and it's so difficult for you to stay focused in Math?”
“Eyes on the road!” I squealed. I was terribly scared of car accidents, after all, my mom died in one. “Everyone sucks at Math.” I rolled my eyes. “Well, maybe except for that Nick guy.”
He laughed, “Right, about that...”
“What?” I asked, sensing something fishy about it. “We're not going to Nicholas' house, are we?” I started to panic. What if this road trip was just for me to go on that stupid date I had tried so hard to evade?
“Of course not. Well yes but no.”
“Make up your mind!” I pressed.
“Nick's a demigod too.” Logan explained.
“But he's so clumsy and nerdy...” I said, wrinkling my nose. “...Ew is he a child of Athena?”
“We don't know yet.”
“How come?” I raised an eyebrow, by this time we were way too deep into the woods. I was starting to freak out. I was slightly claustrophobic.
“He hasn't been claimed yet.” Logan said. I stared at him blankly. What did that mean? “Your godly parent must claim you, if not, you stay in the Hermes cabin until then.”
“...So I'm still an orphan.” I said indifferent. I had made up my mind and come to terms that I didn't have a father since I was a kid. I didn't know how they could expect me to accept a GOD as a parent when he was never there for me when I needed him the most.
“You do have a father, Dallas.” Logan said. “He's very busy in Olympus so it's kinda impossible for him to spend time with all of his children.”
“He was never there anyways.” I rolled my eyes. We stayed silent for the rest of the ride, which thankfully, wasn't that far away. Five minutes later, we had stopped in the middle of the woods. “So, is it here?” I asked, breaking the silence.
“Yeah, you ready?”
“As ready as I'll ever be.”
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