just as the title says - art sets that inclue models
doesn't have to be a proper model like tyra banks or gemma ward (it can if you want)
it can just be a site model
PLEASE no celebrities though- i will delete any sets that include photos of celebrities like lindsay lohan or bella swan
heres an example of what id like to see in this contest
( thank you chloe for letting me use this )
once again their will be prizes if we get over 50 entries (cos trophies isn't working =S)
1st - a set made for them
2nd - 24 faves
3rd - 22 faves
4th - 20 faves
5th - 18 faves
6th - 16 faves
7th - 14 faves
8th - 12 faves
9th - 10 faves
10th - 8 faves
11th - 6 faves
12th - 4 faves
12 winners , 1 week , no limit
goodluck and ask me if any questions come up

Created by katiieeeee. Created in cady pronounced like katie.. 114 sets from 28 members. Ended 7 years ago.