My Art Doll Sets and some of my most favorite items used to make them. Tutoring by Dawn-Lindenberg of THE ART/FASHION DOLL GROUP/ CLASSES, CHALLENGES, TUTORIALS & GOODY BAGS
I want to say "Thank You!" to @Dawn-Lindenberg for everything you have shared, in knowledge and in items, with me to this point. I am learning so much and having fun doing it!
And "Thank you" to everyone in the group who are great supporting one another without egos or competitiveness getting in the way of why we are all here - that's huge, quite unexpected and very appreciated.....All the best! hrhjustcuz ;)


Wrote 27 days ago
Absolutely! This is a great idea and i feel you should absolutely get credit for your work with each one of us. I should have thought of it myself and am rather embarrassed you had to ask. I've been rather sporadic on here lately due to, what I like to call "my offline life". Things are finally falling in place and I should be pulling it all together by next week (keeping fingers crossed...). So please bare with me (I see you have left comments on various sets (Yea!)) as I implement each comment and/or suggestion. It may be at a snails pace right now, but that will be changing shortly. Happy, Happy Holidays, Dawn! ;)

Wrote 29 days ago
great collection is there a way to say (I am the one tutoring you & my name as the doll group leader to plug the doll group ?) Because I will eventually want more members I want my name & group out there. Gosh this group is a ton of work & the amount of hours is over 8 hours tutorials & organizing are fun but shewwww... Your an exceptional student so you are a great one to use for this purpose ;) Dawn

Wrote two months ago
Hi Hr these items are very cool & I think you are making a collection of items to make dolls from & have acess easily. There is a glitch with how Poly is set up (or I haven't figured out how to) If you try to retrieve the item from collection you can only use the item as your "starter item" for the can't go back & forth to work with collection & items to build a set. What you need to do if like an item is make sure you click like so it goes directly into stock then dig around there to use items from set. If your set is in process & you click my items & retrieve by color it's somewhat easy to retrieve items & use. IF you know how to work items from collections better PLS mssg me I would love to know how. THX Dawn PS feel free to like the items from this set & use set as a template (you may copy "emulate" because you are learning & I don't worry about you intentions) So whatever works for you ..keep making dolls that how you get better ;) Dawn

Wrote two months ago


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