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~ This group is specifically for everyone makes ART sets about : Magic, mystery, lovely dreams, nature, love stories, love, sadness, adventures, artistic creations, dolls, fantasies, angels, devils, stars, skies, freedom, fears, family, hopeless dreams, princesses, stories, magical wonderlands, hopes, sun, sea, unexpected miracles, beautiful kings and queens, happiness, lovely places, history, ghosts, flowers, fairy tales, woods, powerful dragons, animals and other similar things or something totally different but still creative and original ART. And if you have any requirements that need to be, just join us! ~
Join my group, be original, don't copy sets from other members, only art sets in this group are allowed and please don't enter any fashion sets ( because every fashion set will be deleted and removed from contests and the whole group), there's always a lot of contests. xD
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