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Art History 101:Tribute to the Masters

This is an ART ONLY group for those who love art history and want to try their hand at copying the masters (but not copying other Polyvorians please). No offense to the wonderful art by those who indulge in fantasy, gothic & dark art (though at times that may be encouraged) but this is really based on the history of art and not necessarily on just your own imaginations. BUT, what interests me is how each of you will interpret through your styles & aesthetics the work of the Masters. The contests in this group will be based on the artists and artistic styles of history, for example: expressionism, renaissance, impressionism, pop art etc. Also I would love to have contests where we try and mix genres. I am new to all this so bear with me. If you've been sent an invitation it's because I love your work and those who have been asked not to be invited to groups I apologize in advance for the invite.
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