Calling all our talented artists submit any of your 'Art Sets with the cast of Gossip Girl' and your character's outfit for this year's Social Mixer! 'Cuz January is the time for Constance Billiard's Annual Social Mixer, it is a school event, where all teacher's eyes will be on you, watch out for 'Headmistress Queller' though, those eyes you definitely don't want on you...unless your into that...
Lavenderlady07 aka "LAVVY", our Calendar Girl, will be hosting this elite cocktail event with Nate Archibald & Chuck Bass on the side! While Rufus Humphrey & Vanessa Abrams are in charged for the Artists' Showroom where all the art sets will be displayed & auctioned! This is your time to shine ladies! Dress your best, all the right people in the city will be there!

Contest is simple submit any gossip girl art set together WITH a gossip girl party outfit! (So If your ART SET wins, your outfit will automatically wins too! That will make you the finalists & artists of the year! SO make us proud show off your BEST Art set to WIN!)
Good Luck! 1 week! No limit entries! 6 winners!
REMINDER: You should submit at least (1 art set & 1 mixer outfit) for your entries to qualify!!!

Sample Sets from Lavenderlady07 aka Lavvy ~JANUARY CALENDAR GIRL~

I'm (Silently) Watching YouI'm (Silently) Watching You by Lavenderlady07

Getting All Dressed UpGetting All Dressed Up by Lavenderlady07

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