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  • Arte Italica Baroque Gold Soap Pump
    Arte Italica Baroque Gold Soap Pump
    Delicacy and grandeur make the bath a place of luxury, its obviously choice details setting a thoughtful, well-appointed tone for the entire home. The Baroque Gold Soap Pump features trailing filigree vine designs and a stemware-inspired, gracefully-turned gilded foot. This stunning piece was handmade by artisans of glass in Italy, the essential birthplace of the Baroque.
  • Arte Italica Roma Small Pewter Canister
    Arte Italica Roma Small Pewter Canister
    Sized to hold cotton swaps on the counter of an elegant, stylish European-inspired bathroom, this Italian pewter vanity jar offers a lidded canister for myriad small necessities of the vanity table. Restrained, symmetrical styling coordinates with any chic decor style, but makes a particularly apt addition to the collections of those who appreciate the quiet beauty of traditionally-made pewter. Shallow rings streamline the vessel's shape.
  • Arte Italica Baroque Gold Tissue Box Holder
    Arte Italica Baroque Gold Tissue Box Holder
    Every necessity in your decor is worthy of admiring comment when you choose such ornate accents as the Gold Baroque Tissue Box for your bath, bedroom, or living space. This clear glass cover was made outside Florence, then detailed with a rich and genteel flourish of flowers and acanthus leaves etched into the glass and painted with 25-karat gold, most noble of metals. The elegant detailing supplies an ingenious point of added luxury.
  • Arte Italica Baroque Gold Wastebasket
    Arte Italica Baroque Gold Wastebasket
    Though it's crafted as a wastebasket to match the Gold Baroque line of opulent bathroom accents for the luxury home, the Baroque Gold Wastebasket is lovely enough that dozens of other uses will suggest themselves as soon as you see in person the intricacy of the exquisite gilded detailing. Trails of golden vines sway over the clear glass body from a crown of elegant motifs, contributing Grand Trianon style to your home.
  • Arte Italica Baroque Silver Soap Pump
    Arte Italica Baroque Silver Soap Pump
    The trailing Paradise vines and ring of cabbage roses which adorn the opulent and dainty articles from the Silver Baroque collection look especially fine on the globe-shaped body of this soap pump. Inspired by the elegant, feminine form of vintage perfume atomizers, resting on a blown-glass base akin to fine stemware, this countertop soap bottle has a neat and elegant silver pump top to dispense its contents into your guests' hands.
  • Arte Italica Roma Toothbrush Holder
    Arte Italica Roma Toothbrush Holder
    A respectable classic which combines apothecary jar-like whimsy with the restrained elegance of authentic handcrafted pewter, the European-made Roma Toothbrush Holder is right at home in masculine baths and on vanities where unfussy sensibilities guide the decorative choices. A cylindrical body of clear glass is topped with an etched cap and stands on a natural pewter base - each detailed with simple circles that reflect the basic shape.
  • Arte Italica Baroque Silver Tissue Box Holder
    Arte Italica Baroque Silver Tissue Box Holder
    A splendid piece authentically sourced from the Florentine countryside and meticulously crafted by the hands of traditional artisans, the Silver Baroque Tissue Box brings opulence to your household with the exquisite working of a neo-Classical design of roses over the handmade clear glass. Refined yet unmistakably sumptuous in their frosty metallic sheen, each luxurious feature of the floral silver gilding contributes to the dignity of your decor.
  • Arte Italica Roma Wastebasket
    Arte Italica Roma Wastebasket
    So elegantly well-turned you'll be tempted to turn it into an ice bucket or pile it with decorative fillers instead of its intended use, the Roma Waste Basket is an utterly refined, handcrafted piece of solid Italian pewter in a shape that declares an architectural understanding of home decor. The smooth, straight sides of this subtly-adorned wastebasket glow with the natural hue of authentic pewter, while the turned-back lip is reflected in etched stringcourses strategically placed along the sides.
  • Arte Italica Roma Soap Pump
    Arte Italica Roma Soap Pump
    Even your smallest home accents deserve to be chosen from a selection of the finest - and the essentials of the bath and kitchen are no exceptions. The Roma Soap Pump's exterior construction is entirely crafted of Italian pewter - from the slightly flaring base to the pump itself, which is styled to resemble the flowing lines of designer hardware. Horizontal etched bands define the cylinder of the pewter soap pump's body for the ideal level of detail.
  • Arte Italica Roma Tissue Holder
    Arte Italica Roma Tissue Holder
    Smooth and serene, rather monumental in the purity of its styling, the Roma Tissue Holder with its low-key pewter construction is a handmade artisan piece purposed for humble service in the traditional home. Simple horizontal detailing at the elliptical mouth and at the foot lend an air of classic stability and recall dinnerware details when used in any elegant room.
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