Artemis is a virgin goddess, who don't want to fall in love. But she wants to have a lot of things as gifts.

On her 3rd birthday she asked Zeus: 
"I wish to be your maiden always, never a woman. And I want many names in case i get bored with one. I want a bow and arrow too (like Apollo), silver not gold. I need fifty ocean nymphs to sing for me, and twenty wood nymphs to hunt with me. And I want a pack of hounds, fierce, swift ones. I want the mountains for my special places and one city. She smiled at Zeus and said "May I have all these things? May I?" Zeus answered, "For a child like you, it is worthwhile. You shall have all you ask for and more. You shall have the gift of eternal chastity, and also the gift of changing your mind about it at any time, which will help you not to want it. And, finally, the greatest gift of all,: You shall go out and choose your own gifts so that they will have a special value."

So Artemis can have the best of everything. She's the goddess of hunting (maybe shopping), an her arrow always hit the target: she gets what she wants.
She may say no, and she may change her mind anytime.
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