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  • Arteriors Fortner Chandelier
    Arteriors Fortner Chandelier
    The Arteriors Fortner Chandelier features dozens of iron twigs to give the impression of an organic and woodland inspired fixture. Eight alternating exposed bulbs illuminate from the central spine, surrounded by small twigs in a random formation. This coc
  • Arteriors Partridge Pendant
    Arteriors Partridge Pendant
    Inside the web-like framework of the Arteriors Partridge Pendant, white onyx panes glow with the light of 4 incandescent bulbs. The Antique Brass finish warms up the natural stone, which varies from panel to panel. Though designed in traditional square pe
  • Arteriors Home Ziggy Three-Light Hammered Iron Pendant
    Arteriors Home Ziggy Three-Light Hammered Iron Pendant
    Modern design Glossy white powder coat finish with double diffuser 5.75 inch canopy
  • Arteriors Home Norton Antique Brass One-Light Pendant
    Arteriors Home Norton Antique Brass One-Light Pendant
    Eighteen faceted glass rods hang from a frame finished in warm antiqued brass?all ready to transform a single light into something completely glamorous. Scaled just right for a powder room or hallway this is the pendant lighting version of our Norton Sconce. Damp rated: Approved for use in covered outdoor areas or bathrooms. Canopy Description: Antique Brass, 5.75 Inch Diameter Supplied with 120 Inch Clear/Silver SVT Cord. Hardwired Fixture Maximum Chain/Pipe Extension: 108 Inches
  • Arteriors 84174 Geoffrey 12 Light Single Tier 48" Wide Candle Style
    Arteriors 84174 Geoffrey 12 Light Single Tier 48" Wide Candle Style
    Features: Hangs from a purposely rusted chain High quality wood construction Requires (12) 25 watt Medium (E26) base bulbs Designed to cast light in a upward direction UL Listed for damp location Dimensions: Height: 38" (measured from ceiling to bottom most point of fixture) Width: 48" (measured from furthest point left to furthest point right on fixture) Product Weight: 37 lbs Canopy Height: 1.5" Canopy Diameter: 5.75" Chain Length: 36" Electrical Specifications: Number of Bulbs: 12 Bulb Included: No Bulb Base: Medium (E26) Watts Per Bulb: 25 Wattage: 300 Voltage: 120
  • Arteriors 84310 Analise 8 Light Single Source 2 Tier 26" Wide
    Arteriors 84310 Analise 8 Light Single Source 2 Tier 26" Wide
    Features: Gently curved plates embossed with a leaf motif Includes brass specialty shade Includes (2) x 6" and (1) x 12" downrods Requires (8) 25 watt Candelabra (E12) base bulbs Designed to cast light up and down UL Listed for dry location Dimensions: Height: 24" (measured from ceiling to bottom most point of fixture) Width: 26" (measured from furthest point left to furthest point right on fixture) Product Weight: 27 lbs Canopy Height: 3" Canopy Diameter: 9" Electrical Specifications: Number of Bulbs: 8 Bulb Included: No Bulb Base: Candelabra (E12) Watts Per Bulb: 25 Wattage: 200 Voltage: 120
  • Arteriors Noreen Pendant Smoke Luster By
    Arteriors Noreen Pendant Smoke Luster By
    Warm and smoky, the Noreen Pendant casts a welcoming glow into your home. Bring the calming power of an early evening sun into any room. This one-light glass pendant casts the perfect gleam of smoky warmth in your living room or bedroom. Pair it with a bi
  • Arteriors Tartan Pendant Polished Nickel Black By
    Arteriors Tartan Pendant Polished Nickel Black By
    This narrow silhouette, iron pendant barely hides its two bulbs. The exterior is bronze, while the interior offers contrast with its polished nickel. Taupe cloth Socket Type: Type A- E26, Keyless Socket Wattage: 60 Cord Length (Exit): 10' See last image f
  • Arteriors Home McKale Glass Pendant Light
    Arteriors Home McKale Glass Pendant Light
    This contemporary chandelier makes an appealing addition to any room. Ovals of fluted glass decorate the center while the fixtures reside within a polished nickel finished cylinder. Perfect for a updated dining room or a fashionable seating area.
  • Arteriors Home Arteriors Jarrod Wood Carved 22" Wide Pendant
    Arteriors Home Arteriors Jarrod Wood Carved 22" Wide Pendant
    This stylish drum shaped pendant from Arteriors offers a wood carved design with white washed finish and an interior mirrored top. The mirror allows the light to disperse downward and out through the holes. This contemporary fixture is elegant and versatile.
  • Arteriors Home Arteriors Bilbao Fishtail Mercury 4 1/2" Wide Glass Pendant
    Arteriors Home Arteriors Bilbao Fishtail Mercury 4 1/2" Wide Glass Pendant
    This contemporary pendant from Arteriors has the effect of a stylish metallic cylinder. The modern light is suspended from the ceiling by a simple black cord. This contemporary fixture is delicate and versatile.
  • Arteriors Earl Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Earl Mini Pendant
    The Arteriors Earl Mini Pendant is a minimal piece with subtle detailing. The opal glass shade is held in place by an iron pipe with curved rods on three sides, the single bulb inside giving the glass a comforting warm glow. Simple and understated, use a
  • Arteriors Ralston Pendant
    Arteriors Ralston Pendant
    The Arteriors Ralston Pendant is made from a single sheet of brass, carefully folded into an origami inspired shape. Three different patterns, each varying in scale, are hammered onto the surface before being folded, creating an alluring texture on the me
  • Arteriors Florko Pendant
    Arteriors Florko Pendant
    The Arteriors Florko Pendant has a modern design that seemingly floats in space. This space age fixture features three discs made of iron with the largest on top followed by two smaller concave discs below. The two lower levels hold the lamps, the illumin
  • Arteriors Earnhardt Pendant
    Arteriors Earnhardt Pendant
    The Arteriors Earnhardt Pendant features a three tier design paired with minimalism, the geometric forms derived from the Art Deco movement. Frosted acrylic diffusers top each bowl, the illumination being thrown upward to illuminate the space with a uniqu
  • Arteriors Diaz Pendant
    Arteriors Diaz Pendant
    The Arteriors Diaz Pendant has an air of royalty with its hundreds of thin chains draped over the Brass frame that gives the piece a sense of dynamic movement. Emanating the look of fabric, the viewer's perception of metal is challenged, presenting a deli
  • Arteriors Atlas Pendant
    Arteriors Atlas Pendant
    The Arteriors Atlas Pendant features a hexagonal shaped cage around a clear glass chimney, the effect being handsome and jewel-like. The antique reproduction lamp illuminates from inside the seeded glass, creating a lit atmosphere with a subtle industrial
  • Arteriors Dante Drum Pendant
    Arteriors Dante Drum Pendant
    The Arteriors Dante Drum Pendant is a simple large scale piece that features absorbing detail. Three overlapping brass bands form a round shape, with a bottom acrylic diffuser to soften the illumination of the lamps. The distilled design still makes a sta
  • Arteriors Edith Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Edith Mini Pendant
    Feminine and delicate, the Arteriors Edith Mini Pendant is meant to bring visions of a blooming rose to the viewer. Planes of brass form a flower shape, enveloping a single exposed bulb, giving the impression the flower is blooming with light. Refined and
  • Arteriors Tilda Pendant
    Arteriors Tilda Pendant
    The Arteriors Tilda Pendant features white washed wooden dowels hung individually around an iron frame. The monochromatic color scheme puts an interesting twist on the Rustic Modern style while still emphasizing the organic material. The bulb in the middl
  • Arteriors Albert Pendant
    Arteriors Albert Pendant
    The Arteriors Albert Pendant is a one light piece with a glass teardrop shade showcasing a vintage inspired bulb. The rich finish throughout the rest of the piece stands for itself, creating a great contrast against the smokey glass color. When lit, the p
  • Arteriors Atheneum Multi-light Pendant
    Arteriors Atheneum Multi-light Pendant
    The Arteriors Atheneum Multi-Light Pendant has a subtle mystical ambiance with floating crystal spheres in steel cages. The hidden light source is set above, the illumination piercing through the crystal to create a lit atmosphere with a touch of mystery.
  • Arteriors Mara Pendant
    Arteriors Mara Pendant
    The Arteriors Mara Pendant takes many geometric shapes to create a whole new form. Made entirely of pentagons, the open caged design shows off how stylish and modern simple shapes can be. The exposed bulb keeps the ornamentation to a minimum, letting the
  • Arteriors Reeves Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Reeves Mini Pendant
    Traditional craftsmanship with an industrial flair. The Reeves Mini Pendant by Arteriors features a hand-blown clear glass orb that fits over a tungsten filament bulb. The resulting light is warm and even, with a bit of shimmer along the edges of the glas
  • Arteriors Ecko Drum Pendant
    Arteriors Ecko Drum Pendant
    The Arteriors Ecko Drum Pendant showcases a hand welded piece with plenty of texture for the eyes to feast upon. Pieces of pointy iron have been hand welded together, with contrasting brass welds. Exposed antique bulbs illuminate from the center, giving t
  • Arteriors Jalen Chandelier
    Arteriors Jalen Chandelier
    The Arteriors Jalen Chandelier gets its unique shape from a common every day object - spokes on a wheel. Multiple arms extend from the center, each hosting a small shade with its own light source. When viewed from below the piece appears as a honeycomb sh
  • Arteriors Dolma Pendant
    Arteriors Dolma Pendant
    The Arteriors Dolma Pendant uses the idea of basket weaving and modern geometry to create something innovative while still taking cues from ancient practices. A series of hexagons form a round shape around a single exposed bulb, the honeycomb shapes refer
  • Arteriors Waldorf Pendant
    Arteriors Waldorf Pendant
    The Arteriors Waldorf Pendant is like a burst of energy in the form of a dynamic light source. Angular steel shards in varying sizes burst from the central sphere, accented with clear glass rods for a little contrast in materials and tones. The exposed bu
  • Arteriors Atheneum Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Atheneum Mini Pendant
    The Arteriors Atheneum Mini Pendant has an element of mystery, with what appears to be a floating crystal orb encased in a metal cage. The hidden light source above shines on the crystal ball as well as lighting the surrounding space with an elegant aesth
  • Arteriors Parrish Chandelier
    Arteriors Parrish Chandelier
    The Arteriors Parrish Chandelier suggests a contemporary spin on the Restoration style with clear glass shades exposing antique reproduction bulbs. The minimal frame features a thin downrod in the center with thicker support arms to host the glass shades.
  • Arteriors Royalton Pendant
    Arteriors Royalton Pendant
    The elegant Royalton Pendant by Arteriors features a series of glass rods that drape over a Polished Nickel frame. These rods partially cover 4 incandescent light sources, allowing for light to both shine and shimmer as it filters through the glass. A stu
  • Arteriors Drake Pendant
    Arteriors Drake Pendant
    The Arteriors Drake Pendant is a masculine piece with a two tone finish and buoy-shape. The contrasting banding on the bottom leads the eye to the warm interior that houses the three lamps. Striking and bold, this statement making piece has a modern aesth
  • Arteriors Sabine Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Sabine Mini Pendant
    The Arteriors Sabine Mini Pendant features an uncomplicated tear drop glass shade showcasing a vintage style bulb. The visible hardware gives the piece a slight industrial vibe as well as adds an unexpected element to this streamlined piece. Use one as an
  • Arteriors Sabine Chandelier
    Arteriors Sabine Chandelier
    The Arteriors Sabine Chandelier is a unique piece, with eight hanging clear glass shades in a teardrop shape. The frame is also unique, each arm extending out into a Y shape that hosts its own shade containing a light source. A slight industrial flare is
  • Arteriors Macintyre Two-tier Chandelier
    Arteriors Macintyre Two-tier Chandelier
    The Arteriors MacIntyre Two-Tier Chandelier has a nautical presence with natural jute, hand tied knots and a pentagon frame. This minimal pieces takes a rustic approach to lighting with its exposed bulbs and natural finish. Although minimal in composition
  • Arteriors Vickery Chandelier
    Arteriors Vickery Chandelier
    Innovative and intelligent, the Arteriors Vickery Chandelier features a unique design that utilizes color theory to better distribute the illumination. The matte white on the inside of the shades amplifies the light, while the matte black on the outside d
  • Arteriors Savoy Large Pendant
    Arteriors Savoy Large Pendant
    The Arteriors Savoy Large Pendant takes its name from the first hotel in the world to be lit entirely by electricity, and like the posh history of its namesake, the stunning brass appearance adds to its fashionable aesthetic. The bell shape houses a coppe
  • Arteriors Jarrod Drum Pendant
    Arteriors Jarrod Drum Pendant
    The crisp form of the Arteriors Jarrod Drum Pendant makes it the ideal way to add a natural, rustic element into modern spaces. Its precisely perforated Natural Wax wood shade also includes a plain mirror top in its interior, which focuses the majority of
  • Arteriors Noreen Pendant
    Arteriors Noreen Pendant
    The Arteriors Noreen Pendant looks like a prosperous upcycle project, utilizing the iconic glass container and transforming it into a lighting fixture. The luster finish diffuses the single light source with a slight smokey haze, also having a slightly re
  • Arteriors Romy Pendant
    Arteriors Romy Pendant
    The Arteriors Romy Pendant features a series of lustrous rings that are hand cut from a single sheet of brass. The rings are wrapped around a single socket, forming a sculptural and delicate piece. A beige cloth cord affixes the piece to the round canopy,
  • Arteriors Garrison Round Pendant
    Arteriors Garrison Round Pendant
    Transparent mouth blown glass against a single metallic band embodies the transitional aesthetic in the Arteriors Garrison Round Pendant. The cinched brass band and translucent glass creates an intriguing effect, as well as further emphasizing the exposed
  • Arteriors Caviar Pendant
    Arteriors Caviar Pendant
    With beauty and value as rare as the tasty delicacy, the Arteriors Caviar Pendant sparkles in its uniqueness. A glass globe surrounds a perforated metal shade, creating a look that resembles true caviar. An elegant piece for the dining area. Since 1987, T
  • Arteriors Mckale Drum Pendant
    Arteriors Mckale Drum Pendant
    The Arteriors McKale Drum Pendant, shining in its metal shade and glass accents, attracts attention in the entryway and dining area. Its dimensions flatter medium-sized rooms, offering a glow of light through its opaque acrylic diffuser. Polished Nickel a
  • Arteriors Anderson Pendant
    Arteriors Anderson Pendant
    Add rustic texture and soft, warm light to modern spaces. The Arteriors Anderson Drum Pendant features a large, flared metal drum shade, its hammered surface enhanced by a deep English Bronze finish. The texture and rich tone of the shade is matched by th
  • Arteriors Arianna Pendant
    Arteriors Arianna Pendant
    Add silvery shimmer and organic curves to a modern lighting scheme with the Arteriors Arianna Large Pendant. The shade is a large, malleable-looking teardrop of translucent Antique Mercury glass. Makes a particularly grand impression when arranged with ot
  • Arteriors Pernell Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Pernell Mini Pendant
    Minimal and made solely to serve a purpose, the Arteriors Pernell Mini Pendant embraces the exposed bulb, needing no ornamentation. The less is more style is inspired by the Early Industrial Age, where utility and practicality superseded the aesthetic qua
  • Arteriors Garrison Cylindrical Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Garrison Cylindrical Mini Pendant
    Transparent mouth blown glass against a single metallic band embodies the transitional aesthetic in the Arteriors Garrison Cylindrical Mini Pendant. The cinched brass band and translucent glass creates an intriguing effect, as well as further emphasizing
  • Arteriors Reeves Antique Brass Pendant
    Arteriors Reeves Antique Brass Pendant
    Contemporary restoration design with transitional styling. The Arteriors Reeves Antique Brass Pendant features a mouth-blown Clear glass orb encasing an exposed bulb fitting, perfectly suited to an vintage-style Edison bulb. Antique Brass hardware lends a
  • Arteriors Roscoe Pendant
    Arteriors Roscoe Pendant
    Inspired by actual machinery parts, the Arteriors Roscoe Pendant embodies industrial chic with a fun shape. A single rod of iron is loosely coiled around a single socket, accenting the exposed bulb. The heavy chain adds to the vintage aesthetic, use with
  • Arteriors Harding Chandelier
    Arteriors Harding Chandelier
    Graphic and sculptural, the Arteriors Harding Chandelier is an artistic piece for modern interiors. Forty-eight bare bulbs line each of six square steel arms that seem to float in space thanks to the thin wire filament supsension cord. Use globe-shaped bu
  • Arteriors Layla Chandelier
    Arteriors Layla Chandelier
    The Arteriors Layla Chandelier is a delicate handmade lighting option composed of many fine brass chains draped in a lethargic manner over a frame. The tangled look and uneven slopes of the chain add to its unique elegance. 4 bulbs illuminate from the cen
  • Arteriors Shelton Cylinder Pendant
    Arteriors Shelton Cylinder Pendant
    A sparkling cylinder of Clear seedy glass gives the Arteriors Shelton Cylinder Pendant a warm, hand-crafted effect. Tiny bubbles within the glass and a ruffly, irregular bottom opening lend an artisanal air to this piece, which is beautiful alone or hung
  • Arteriors Mirabelle Chandelier
    Arteriors Mirabelle Chandelier
    The Arteriors Mirabelle Chandelier is a romantic piece for large modern interiors. The frame itself has a mid-century modern look, with two tiers of clean curves in a softly burnished Hotel Silver finish. This modern frame is dressed up in generous swags
  • Arteriors Patton Pendant
    Arteriors Patton Pendant
    The Arteriors Patton Pendant derives its dynamic design from the success of the Zanadoo Pendant. A simple round drum pendant in a dark finish is accented with repeated spokes projecting outwards, completed with a perforated metal diffuser on top and botto
  • Arteriors Rittenhouse Small Chandelier
    Arteriors Rittenhouse Small Chandelier
    The Arteriors Rittenhouse Small Chandelier is a sophisticated fixture with a symmetrically curvaceous form evocative of a flower. The drum shade encircles what would otherwise be a traditional six-armed chandelier, each of its "petals" curving around the
  • Arteriors Caviar Bouquet Multi-light Pendant
    Arteriors Caviar Bouquet Multi-light Pendant
    Along the lines of Laura Kirar's other seaside collections, the Arteriors Caviar Bouquet Multi-Light Pendant is inspired by the silky, caviar-producing sturgeon fish. This luxurious piece whets the appetite with 18 bubbles of glass that wrap around perfor
  • Arteriors Javier Mini Pendant
    Arteriors Javier Mini Pendant
    The Arteriors Javier Mini Pendant embraces the ombre trend with the use of mouth blown glass. This open bottom pendant features a Smoke Grey color, gradually getting darker towards the bottom. Your bulb of choice is showcased within, diffusing through the
  • Arteriors Nico Pendant
    Arteriors Nico Pendant
    The Arteriors Nico Pendant is a minimalist lighting option that also functions as an interactive sculpture. The thin metallic bands can be adjusted and rotated to the viewer's liking around a single bulb. The bands form a circular shape around the exposed
  • Arteriors Quintana Pendant
    Arteriors Quintana Pendant
    The Arteriors Quintana Pendant is lighting option that also doubles as an interactive sculpture. The series of rings are adjustable, able to be flat or spread out as much as you wish, the final design is left in your hands. A single bulb resides in the mi
  • Arteriors Pierce Large Pendant
    Arteriors Pierce Large Pendant
    The Arteriors Pierce Large Pendant features an Antique Brass chain mail sheath snugly wrapped around a curvaceous drop of Clear glass. Inside, an exposed bulb and free-hanging socket enhance the industrial appeal. Since 1987, Texas-based Arteriors has pai