top fashion set 12/16/13! thanks @polyvore!

it's been too long since i last made a set! sooo i think it's time i reply to some tags.

I was tagged by the lovely @sea-breeeze xxx

A- Awkward: yes??!? idek

B- Birthday: November 2
C- Crushing on: JGL, Ansel Elgort, a million other cuties
Have you ever been to the ocean?: of course!
Have you almost drowned in the ocean?: nope

What is the temperature outside?: 64 F
What radio station do you listen to?: rn I'm obsessed with KOST 103.5 (all about that christmas music)
What was the last thing you bought?: a marc jacobs handbag
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: a friends marathon
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: my roommate!
Ever really cried your heart out?: omg yes

Ever cried yourself to sleep?: yes
Have you ever cried on a friend's shoulder? yes
Ever cried over the opposite sex?: maybe out of embarrassment idk hahaha
Do you cry when you get an injury?: not usually
Do songs make you cry?: i get so emotional when i sing les mis you don't even know 

Are you a happy person?: yes!
What is your current hair colour: brown

Currently wearing? sandals, high waisted shorts, and a light sweater
Bracelets?: nope
Your eye colour?: brown

Short or long hair?: long
Height?: 5' 6''

also tagged by the homie @d0odle

1.) What fall trend are you most excited for? oversized sweaters
2.) What if your favorite fall beauty product? idk what qualifies as a fall beauty product so i'll go with the classic eyeliner
3.) What's your favorite fall drink? #PSL HAHAHA jk of course...i'm gonna go with peppermint hot chocolate from LACMA
4.) Favorite fall scent? anything pumpkin-y!
5.) What fall trend do you hate? leggings & uggs 
6.) What is your Halloween costume this year? a broke college student
7.) Favorite fall song? sweater weather yippee
8.) Favorite Halloween Candy? i'm all about those reese's peanut butter cups

thanks for the tags ladies!
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