"The artist's job is not to succumb to despair, but to find an antidote for the emptiness of existence." (TJA)

Name: Talulah "Lula" Cross
Age: 22
Occupation: Artist
Likes: The Renaissance, flowers (and wearing them in her hair), Lewis Carroll, smocks, going barefoot, jazz music, rain, smoke rings
Dislikes: Being the center of attention, invasive questions, her small apartment, being poor, sleeping in, quiet parties, snobs, planning
Bio: Harry Lockhart's work is slowly taking the art world by storm. His pieces, comprised of intricate geometric designs and bold splashes of color, are becoming quite popular with the new art deco movement. Here's the catch - nobody has ever heard from this new talent. It's rumored that Mr. Lockhart is an aging recluse living in Wales. That is far from the truth. Twenty-two-year-old Talulah Cross can take credit for Lockhart's work. She won't, however, as she prefers to hide behind the pseudonym. Lula has never been one for the spotlight. Harry appeared just a few months after Talulah settled into her new apartment in Chicago. The small, small town in Pennsylvania she once called home couldn't offer much for a budding artist. And Chicago is full of possibilities, after all. Or so she had heard. Talulah likes to lock herself in her apartment and focus solely on the blank canvas in front of her. She's thrilled that her art is being received so well. She can only hope that Harry Lockhart will continue to bring in money.
Model: Flavia De Oliveira
Taken by: @fiendishthingy
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