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Well i have to stop by and talking about SNSD&YoonA for a bit,my precious kpop fellow does knew that i dislike SNSD,i dont give a bless nor f.ck to them.
but i am fair enough to accepted by myself SNSD is no.1 kpop girl group based on anything.
its hard tho to say this when i'm hardcore 2ne1 fan. (give me round of applause) okay okay 2ne1 also share the ranked just SNSD is their sunbae ,i lift them higher. plus i have to say ppl in my real life know or dont know kpop when i ask them which k girl group do you know? even kids,ahjumma,non Asian and my nerd classmate said SNSD. so this is 100% based on thing i've experienced,i smell 2ne1 fans might in doubt about what exactly blackjack's me now? (blackjack name of 2ne1's official fanclub)

Rolling eyes more,since when the famous overrated YoonA is now where is YoonA?
i swear once i totally annoying her i mean ain't you tired have seen her almost in K-gameshows,head topic news,9/10 CF in TV.
9/10 ideal type of many k-actors/kpop guys
and yes totally odd when for my she does nothing special just pretty and got so much attention like an exploding of lava around 2008-2011/12?..but honestly i'm fine with her only 3 members in SNSD i can saying that i'm fine in which meaning that nothing i will do care about you.

Suddenly after Suzy in spotlight ?
poor princess beautiful ideal type of guy YoonA slowly fade away (i'm no compare just saying,not a fan of Suzy,i'll talk about Suzy too soon) i kind of sorry to her,realized that media has power over who will be the next princess? then nowadays YoonA has a BF idk this also effecting to her popularity?
or like what was ppl said pretty is sometimes useless.
idol has BF or married is done with career unlike actress? idk seeing Jun Ji Hyun married woman still super damn popular same as 15 years ago.

Me and some friends we did gossip about why YoonA fade away so fast ? then i was expected 
maybe talented & have sth precious to make ppl remember is way too precious than beauty.ofc kinda so true since seeing YoonA case.
i'm counting to how far Suzy will make it last long? (i do look like odd and evil haha)

Okay i have to go back cringy with only one girl i love CL i need to make a set with her more.

Byeeee pretty.
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