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heeey everyone ~
Thank you all for my fifth top set, and it was my second top set in 5 days ♡

My day was pretty good to be honest, and i feel the happiest I have in a long while, so thank you for everyone's support. ♡

& this is for BOTPLL Round Two ~ ♡

The 'Jenna Thing'
"Ali, don't, i mean how do we know if he's actually in there?" I say to Ali, and the Spencer, Aria and Emily nod in agreement.
Ali however seems unfazed, and turns to us, whipping her hair around her face in the process 
"guys, Toby's been spying on us through your bedroom window," she gestures to emily "like a pervert. he deserves this"
I look at the other girls and they share reservations as do i, "pass me the match please spence" She says and Spencer adamantly passes Alison the match, with which she lights the firecracker and tosses it inside, "run" she says with a grin, and then we run for it. unaware that Jenna is inside.


'Something Bad I [Hanna] did' real / fake ♡

I pick up yet another cake from the box, peeling back the paper and sinking my teeth into the gooey soft chocolate frosting, and chocolate sponge. The taste was tantalising to my taste buds and i savoured every bite. I then looked in disgust at the half empty box of cakes in front of me and i push my chair away from the table, dumping the others in the bin, i hurry to the bathroom tears streaming down my face. As i press my fingers down my throat, spasms rocked my body as i heave and heave. When i finish i wipe my mouth with napkin, before hitting the flush. As i wash my hands, i remind myself that I only reward myself before snatching it back and causing pain for myself

I'm in team Hanna - 
colour scheme - pink, silver, white . check
include a picture of jenna. check.
the jenna thing - check
my story - check

Team: Hanna
Points: 25 pts
@gilligansarmy and @mrs-tomlinson-love

O1. @iceysprinkles 
O2. @thisgirlisonfire 
O3. @gabbyunicorn 
O4. @hailey-direction 
O5. @fashionguru25 
O6. @xo-offtoneverl4nd 
O7. @xoxo-arianna 
O8. @xoxobriana 
O9. me

& this is for @chloebaby-xo 's set challenge O5. include a picture of a sunset

& this is for @matchstickz 's set challenge O6. design seed lines - i used the pink one
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