Name: Anne {Annie} Anderson
Age: Born 1920 {21yrs old at time of Pearl Harbor
Significant other's location: Germany {Model: Alex Pettyfer. Name:William {Billy} Age: 21}
`Sewing and needlework
`letters from Billy
`helping the war effort
`Going to the Cinema
`War Propaganda
`The news
`being away from Billy
`Bomb drills
`Being alone
Annie was a good girl born to a good, upstanding family.
She was sent to hebrew school and was proud of her heritage. She played with her friends and was the best at hopscotch and double dutch. As she got older she became rather popular. She was kind and smart and beautiful. Her parents had her hide her religious beliefs when she entered puberty and middle school and though it confused her she did as they asked. When she was ten she met Billy Calder and they became fast friends. Annie joined the cheerleading team and took home ec, she wanted nothing more than to find her true love and settle down, have a family. In highschool she and Billy began going steady and she knew he was the one. When she was sixteen her father volunteered to go to War, something that had been brewing for some time. Annie was devestated and leaned on Billy for support. Her mother fell into disarray with her father gone and let the household chores slip. Annie took up the slack, taking care of her little brother and doing the chores, making supper. She liked the responsibility but knew her mother was suffering. She had always been keen to help others and when her mother stopped getting out of bed she took over the household, keeping it secret from her friends and teachers. Her grades were still good and she participated in clubs and only Billy knew the truth. Billy proposed at the State Fair after Annie had gotten herself on the radio for her singing. she was overjoyed and hoped her father would hear her singing. They got news he was due home in a few weeks and Annie wrote to him of the engagement. It wasn't unusual for girls to get married young and she was so excited. She decided to become a nurse and worked hard. It was only days later they received a telegram informing them of her father's disappearnace during a heavily fought battle. Her mother lost hope and passed away from a broken heart leaving Annie alone to take care of her brother who was only nine at the time. Annie had to give up her dream of being a nurse to become a full time caretaker of her brother. She struggled to make ends meet but Billy came from a higher class family and offered to support her. They were to be married when Billy was drafted. It seemed Annie couldn't catch a break. Her normally bubbly personality had dwindled so much. If she lost billy she didn't know what she would do. His parents took her and her brother in and if they had not surely Annie would be on the streets. She did chores to repay them but knew it would never be enough. After graduating highschool she joined the war effort, anything she could do to support the troops and her Billy.
Model:Dianna Agron
Taken By: @AzrielAzazel
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