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Song is how I feel about Grace's storyline right now and has nothing to do with this story specifically :3

Grace Milton; November 22

“We’re going to be late.” I told Joe for what felt like the hundredth time this morning. I mean that probably wasn’t accurate but whatever we were going to be late to Thanksgiving.

“We’re not going to be late.” Joe sighed, probably tired of telling me that actually, not even removing his eyes from the road “It’s not even 8am and it’s an hour drive that we’re like half way through.”

“We’re missing parts of Thanksgiving therefore we’re going to be late.” I told him matter of factly, pulling my legs up to my chest.

“Sit properly Gracie.” He commented absentmindedly pushing on my knees, before adding, “Lily most defiantly isn’t even be up yet. Dad and Cody probably won’t be either.”

“It the principle.” I muttered, hugging my legs closer despite the fact he was still trying to push them back onto the floor.

“I swear to god Grace stop complaining or I will throw you out this car and make you take the train.” He warned, more snappily than usual perhaps but still not with very much force, “Then you’ll really be late.”

“We were supposed to leave yesterday.” I muttered under my breath. Joe glared at me so I uncurled my legs and shot him a wide smile, “Alright I’m done I promise.”

“You better be missy.” He waved a finger at me faux sternly, “You were the one that delayed us because you had to sort out some emergency with Thomas.”

“It was actually Karl’s emergency and I don’t even know why I was roped into helping.” I defended myself which just caused Joe to laugh at me which so was not cool in the slightest, “Shut up just because I’m a good friend.”

“That you are.” He replied super cheerfully though his face did darken. Just a reminder things were better but still not perfect.

Ignoring that I powered through, “Hey Karl was sorted by like 4 o’clock. We had more than enough time to make it home.” I pointed out with narrowed eyes.

“I was caught up doing something.” He shrugged. Which made it totally his fault did he not realize this or something?

“See.” I cried triumphantly, waving my hands in the air a little, as much as I could in a car at least, “You were caught up so you’re actually the one responsible for the delay.”

“Ahh but I wouldn’t have been caught up if we’d left at 11 like we planned to.” Joe turned to me, sticking his tongue out like the 3 year old he really was, “Therefore the blame lies squarely with you.”

“Keep telling yourself that.” I muttered sarcastically rolling my eyes. What boy logic, “What did you get caught up doing anyway?” I asked curiously.

“Nothing that concerns you.” 

“I’m late for thanksgiving so it concerns me.” I pointed out with a grin.

There it was. That awkwardness or barrier making another appearance. So when he deflected by saying, “If you say the word late again today I will not be getting you a Christmas present.” I didn’t push it like usual.

“What if I’m talking about-“

“If you say periods so help me god I will hurt you.” Joe cut me off threateningly.

“You’re being very violent.” I commented with a barely surpressed smirk, “It’s not becoming.” I paused, “And beside you said it not me.”

“I forgot how annoying you are.” He rolled his eyes trying to hide his fond smile.

He couldn’t though. I saw all.


“We’re finally here.” I cried cheerfully as Cassie pulled the door to dads apartment open rolling her eyes at me.

“No late admittance. Sorry” she said dryly not sounding very sorry at all.

“See.” I turned to Joe with an exaggerated frown (and whine), “I told you we were late and I told you to hurry up and now you’ve ruined everything.”

“Sorry Princess.” Joe rolled his eyes at me, Cassie chuckling at the melodrama behind him.

“Hi, I missed you.” I smiled cheekily at her slipping underneath her arm into the apartment before she could react.

“Daddy. I missed you more.” I cried upon seeing him sitting at the dining room table, flinging my arms around his shoulders.

“Missed you to Gracie.” He rolled his eyes at me as I did when I called him Daddy, I hadn’t done it when I was little since he wasn’t exactly around much so he didn’t see why I did it. That was exactly why I did it though.

“I’m hungry, when’s lunch.” I asked, letting go of dad and sitting on the table between him and Cody.

“It’s barely 9 in the morning Grace.” Cassie rolled her eyes at me.

“I’m hungry.” I repeated with a pout.

“I guess I can find something to feed you.” Dad gave a long suffering sigh getting up from the table. “Holiday spirit and all.”

“Thanks.” I chirped with a smile swinging my legs backwards and forwards.

There was a knock at the door. “Were we expecting someone else?” I asked Cassie, since she was the one that knew these things.

“Not that I know of.” She replied with a frown, cocking her head to think as she went to answer it. “Oh.” She let out a surprised huff, “Gabriel Hi.”

“Hi.” He waved back a little nervously, “I was wondering if I was still welcome.”

“Well…” Cassie said consideringly looking to Joe. Gabriel was always welcome but would it make things awkward.

“I invited him.” Joe answered stiffly. Which oh explained his errand yesterday I guess? Which is the only time I could possibly think of him asking Gabriel since last time I’d talked to him Gabe was trying to figure out what to do for thanksgiving.

“In that case come on in.” Cassie smiled at Gabriel widely, opening the door enough to let him through.

‘I missed you Gabe.” I smiled getting up for a hug.

“Should I be honoured or something?” Gabriel trying perhaps a bit to hard to be normal, but trying none the less

“Hardly.” Joe snorted and yay they were both making efforts, “She’s said that to everyone.”

“Except me.” Cody interjected with a hurt little pout.

“I missed you also Cody.” I smiled at her disentangling myself from Gabriel, “I missed you most.” I stretching my arms as wide as I they go, not caring how childish I sounded because I was happy! “I missed you this much.”

“Aww.” Cassie cooed as everyone else laughed

“You’re being to loud.” Lily emerged from the depths of the house with a sleepy frown, “Keep it down.” She added before leaving.

I exchanged a look with Joe before we both collapsed into each other laughing hysterically.

It wasn’t perfect anymore but it was better than it had been.

Which the way things were looking only a week ago was a Thanksgiving miracle.
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