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Name: Charity (Chare) Vanseny 
Age: 16
Prodigium: (CAN SHE BE LIKE A DEMIGOD? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL <3) Can she like be a psychic/telepathic? I LAB YUUUUU @mypatronusisacake 
Personality Traits: Stubborn, tense, brave, very "closed", doesn't really like to listen to others. (I KNOW. SHE'S WEARING A PRETTY DRESS AND PINK PUMPS. SHUSH. SHE WANNA BE PRUDY TOO.)
Bio: Charity always knew that something was wrong with her. Starting with the way her parents have acted around her. She'd felt like they were keeping a secret from her. Everywhere she went, people would stare at her and whisper. No one knew why but they did. And the oddest things started to happen the day she turned 15. She was able to catch glimpses of people's lives and also starting to heard things in her head. At first, she thought that it might have been the drugs she'd been doing secretly but then, even after she stopped, it got worse. And when push came to shove, she told her parents. Instead of freaking out, like she expected, her parents just had sadness in their eyes. They loved her oh so dearly but they knew she was different. And not even theirs. So one day, they sat her down and told her everything. From the day she was born. That was when they first mentioned the hecate hall. It was a place for her to manage her powers and use them for good. Great, so she was already called a freak, druggie, and other hurtful things at her old school. How much worse can it get? 
How she feels about Hex Hall: "Me? Oh jesus. Where do I start. First, it wasn't my fault my parents got knocked up and thought that I was their child. Like hell, look at me! They surely raised me well. And really? Going to school with a bunch of weird freaks? Way for me to have normal, stable, teenage years. Thanks mom and dad. Whoever you are." 
Model: Emma Roberts
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