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Soundtrack: Lenka- Everything at once
I was tagged by @skylar72 in her pretty pretty set:
So this is the survey:
1. Full name:
Elizaveta Samoylova
2. 3 fears:
Darkness, death and...heights
3. 4 turn on's
Yes, I love accents too (especially spanish), smile, appearance...and I don't know
4. 4 turn offs:
Well, ignoring, upstarts, disdain and bores
5. My best friend
Ksenia (she's my school mate)
But @n-kr, @skylar72 too)
6. How tall I am
5'2 (Hope I'll be taller)
7. What time I was born
21st of May at 9pm
8. favourite colour
Peach and ivory
9. Favourite quote
Always forgive your enemies-nothing annoys them so much (Oscar Wilde)
10. Favourite food:
Lasagna, sushi and everything!!!!
11. What I am listening to right now:
Lenka- Everything at once
12. eye colour:
Forest Green
13. Hair colour
Dark brunette
14. Favourite song
I don't have, but I like Birdy- Skinny Love and Adele- Someone like you
15. My nicknames:
Li. I used to be called Princess Sissi(I loved this cartoon and the fool name is Elizabeth, just like mine)
16. Favourite animal:
17. My favourite ice-cream
Caramel or coffee
18. Describe your first kiss:
No comments, ahah)

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