nothing // the script.

the amazing shoes are from! check em' out please!

holy fucking mother shit. this song = the best thing on earth. (besides you know who, obviously.)

speaking of you know who, asdfghjfdjenhfjenmdcfhrikemnckjrk forever dead. take me to heaven. the one thing video was perfection. they're so fucking cute, aogmekfmejmjedf. i couldn't even breathe when i watched it. my friends and i watched it like 50+ times, over and over. 

zayn in the video.... jesus take the wheel.

i forgot to say happy birthday since i haven't made a set in a while, but happy 19th birthday zayn <3 you don't know who i am lolol, but you will ;)

march 9th come faster, pretty please?

anyhoo, this is for cecelia. just felt like introducing her to the world formally with a story. lovely.

@urban-barbie, @the-clary-project, @sophiaspastic, and @haute-hippie.

oh, and that circle thing in the corner goes credit to @the-clary-project!


I wandered outside the rickety house, my too long skirt trailing along the grass and roads, creating a thick line of muck on the ends. I didn't care for it much, I was too preoccupied with my diary, as my pen skated across the pages and words formed on the lines.

I didn't know what I was writing, truthfully. If you really took a long look at the page, you'd find this...

---lonely.running.forest.overlapping trees.suffocating.dried lungs.rabbit heart. 9x18 caliber gun. crooked shoes. falling. fell. dying. dead. nothing. only ground. dirt and scattered bones--- 

yes//no//yes//no//yes//no//yes. maybe. perhaps.

maybe i should be treated as an inpatient at the local loony bin. where the windows are painted black, and all you hear is the screaming in the inside of your skull, and the cawing off the crazies.

what fun, don't you presume? 

I twisted around in my skirt, loving the way it swished around my body. Spinning round and round and round and round, I fell to the floor. Soon, I heard the soft rumble of a car, and heard a window snap open and then close. Staring up, I saw Lux climbing out the top window, and down the house, easily getting around in her steel-toed boots.

"Where are you going?" I cooed, clawing into the ground to get myself up.

"Out," She shrugged her skinny shoulders, waving at the mysterious car parked out front.

"Oh." My mouth agape, I watched her climb inside, grab a bottle of liquid, slosh it down, and speed away, the tires making a terrible sound.

Me, a fragile creature, straggled away up the porch, licking my chapped lips. Bonnie came out soon, looking like a newborn bird, her arms curled around her body, her lips sucked into a scowl. 

"Bonnie." I said more as a greeting. She looked distracted, and it took her about 10 seconds to realize I was there.

"Cecelia, love." She whispered, her throat sounding dry and rusty like an Arizona desert.

"Ven is dinner ready?" I asked, twirling my hear around my right finger, cutting off the circulation.

"Soon, doll." She whispered again, heading back inside without another world. I trudged in, feeling the world sucking me back outside with a tug. 

(more laterrrr, must go to bed.)
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Wrote 5 years ago
congrats <3 it!

Wrote 5 years ago
Congrats on top sets! :)

Wrote 5 years ago
this is amazing! congrats

Wrote 5 years ago
congrats on top sets, amazing colors!



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