Ashanti Ama Hernandez

Ashanti is the middle child out of her younger sister Sasha, and twin Dimitri. She has always been 'Daddy's Little Princess' since the day she was born. She's the girl that makes others jealous, not only because of her looks, but because she's so comfortable with herself. She's extremely outgoing and has the charm of her father and the grace of her mother. She wants to be a model, but because of her mother's high profile status and the way teen celebrities are hitting rock bottom, she won't allow it until she's 18. She possess a friendly and bubbly personality, although some are intimidated to talk to her. Sure she may come off as a biatch, but those close to her know that it's only half true. She's rebellious and wild which sometimes leaves her in trouble. She's very flirtatious which causes her dad to worry about her sometimes. She's a dancer and athelete, but don't be mistaken, she's one of the most popular girls in school and the IT girl.
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