Ashanti Mariska Lovász

Full Name; Ashanti Mariska Lovász
Age; 16
Date of Birth; October 9th
Hometown; Budapest, Hungary

Short Bio: Ashanti was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised by her older brother, since her parents were to rich and caught up in their jobs to care about them. For the first few years of her life, they did the best they could do to promise themselves a good future by going to school to get a good education. When she turned 14, her brother , who was now 23, took her to Paris to escape the unhealthy lifestyle that they lived in. Living under the same roof of her parents constantly reminded her that she could never have loving, and caring parents. In Paris, she learned to speak french fluently, never loosing her exquisite Hungarian accent. Later, Ashanti discovered her passion for modeling and design, especially lingerie design, being in France. She attended design school and took a few dance classes to stay in shape. She now pursues her dream to become a professional model by participating in campaigns and fashion shows. In Bethson Academy, Ashanti is ready to make a few friends, and even fall in love, but if that gets in her way and threatens her dreams to become reality, you better watch your back.
Clique: Diamonds - Alpha
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