Essie and Nate have known each other since they were in Gucci babygros. Growing up they were best friends, and did everything together. But the summer they both turned eighteen, everything changed. At a crazy house party on the Upper East Side, the best friends were dared to kiss each other, and they did. Essie just laughed it off, but Nate felt something more, and later that summer, he admitted to Essie on the Spanish shores of Barcelona that he was in love with her. Essie freaked and spent the rest of the summer partying her way across Europe with her fellow dancers and supermodels, while Nate licked his wounds in Thailand. But they both got accepted into Yale, Essie for performing arts and art, Nate for business and medicine. Inevitably, they ran into each other, and Essie eventually admitted her love for Nate.
Four years on and they've never looked back. Nate proposed to Essie on graduation day, getting married the next summer and she fell pregnant with Chace just a few months after getting married.
Reason for Marigold move-
Both are taking a break from their demanding careers for the duration of Chace's childhood.

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