Name/age; Ashlee Gretchen Briggs
age 28
occupation; Pastry Chef
scenario; {see collection}Ashlee and Nolan just got married 6 months ago. Ash always wanted to have kids but one thing has been holding her back. She is blind and has always been afraid her child might inherit it.
likes; baking, eating sweets, listening to music, smelling flowers, warm cozy fireplaces, eggnog, doing things people think she cannot do
dislikes; rejection, liars, cheaters, peas, people underestimating her, “Helen Keller Jokes “people that discriminate 
bio; Ashlee who was born blind has never seen the beauty of the world with her eyes but knows it is there. She has never let her disability stop her from doing anything. She went to Brown then decided she would much rather have a job that she is passionate about. She is a wiz around a kitchen and thinks that is why Nolan fell in love with her. 
model; Kristin Kreuk
taken by;@followyourbliss
>describe your family; My family is wonderful. It has always been just my father and I. My mother left when I was three years old and I have not seen her since. My father has always been very supportive of me and never treated me as if I had a disability.
>how do you feel about being pregnant? I have always wanted to be a mother but with that come the fear of putting my child in the same situation as I have been in. My blindness’s inheritary. My mother‘s mother was blind and though it skipped a generation who’s to say it will this time? I’m just scared, but at the same time Nolan and I are very excited. 
>why should you be chosen for What To Expect...?I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, that is why I originally wanted to become a doctor. Now though, this could be my chance to really show what a blind person can do. I want to be an inspiration to that one girl out there that thinks she cannot do something, she can look to me and see what my life is like and say ‘ Hey if Ashlee can do that I can do this”
-short story {at least three paragraphs} describing the moment you found out you were pregnant

My friend Margot had taken me to the drug store this morning and helped me pick out a test. I was so nervous about it. I was sure I wasn’t though. I mean we were not ready to have a baby yet. Nolan and I had talked about all the scenarios but not six months after we had gotten married. It was just too soon. 
I sat waiting the three minutes wondering what my future might hold. Of course I wanted a baby just thinking about it put a smile to my face, but all these what if’s came rushing through my brain. What if Nolan didn’t want one now? What if we weren’t ready? And, the big what if I could not even say out loud. 
I had been through a lot growing up. Being blind when you are young is tough, hell being blind at any age is tough. Kids are very cruel though. They make fun of you just because you can not see. My whole life I have been picked on and gotten made fun of just because I was different. I ultimately got through it but there were points in my life when I wanted to just give up.Until Nolan I had never dated a boy before in fear of being teased and rejected. If I was pregnant would my child have to deal with all of that?
I was jerked back into realty when the alarm went off. I called Margot and showed her the results. I
It was positive.
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