ashley m. davis {sotc}

Name: Ashley Miranda Davis
Age: 21
Nicknames: Ashley, Ash. Very rarely called Miranda.
Job: Odd modelling jobs

Bio: Born and bred in Manhattan, New York, Ashley knows the ins and outs of the place. She grew up in a rich family with her perfect mother, perfect father and perfect brother, Damon. Her mother is a dominant figure in the fashion industry and her father is the CEO of some big technology company Ashley has never taken an interest in. So the Davis family is wealthy and perfect – on the outside.
Inside, there are cracks. Yes, they are wealthy, but perfect? Not even close. Ashley’s older brother Damon was the first to make a change. He had a football scholarship in the bag, girls falling on him left and right. But he left the scholarship, the girls, the money and fell in with the wrong crowd taking up marijuana. He deals and smokes the stuff. The parents cut him off and left him out to pull his life to together. He never has.
Ashley is a rising socialite; partying every other night, gossiping, drama every week in the newspapers. All because of their parents’ social status’, everything the Davis offspring do is publicised in the gossip magazines. This just magnifies their imperfections. This doesn’t help Ashley’s dream of becoming a model. Just last week a photo of Miss Davis was blasted all over Manhattan of her vomiting her guts up on the sidewalk, bystanders looking on in horror.

Ashley lives in her own apartment overlooking Central Park with her own ‘Dorota’ – Katherine the maid/cleaner/cook/advice giver. Mr and Mrs Davis haven’t cut Ashley off yet, so she living it up. Buying the latest dress off the runway, hosting a party every third night, buying a bag she saw some girl carrying around somewhere last week - wasting money on anything she sets her eyes on. But she is trying to get in touch with her ... more earth friendly side.
Oh and she is a terribly nice girl to top it all off. She's nice to neaarly everyone she talks to and not in the bitchy way - most of the time.

- Ashley’s mother calls her Miranda because that’s the name she chose but her husband had the final pick.
- Damon supplies drugs to Jamie; Ashley’s best friend’s boyfriend.
- Aspires to become a model.
- Keeps journals and has a mini dream to become an author.
- Has suffered from anorexia and battles binge eating now with influences of anorexia.
Model: Emma Watson

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