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You walk out the door to go back home. It's been a very hard day at work. You walk to your black Range Rover. After setting your purse in the back seat walking to the drivers side you see Ashton leaning against the car door. 
"Hey beautiful."
"Hey? What are you doing here?!" You spoke the slightest bit scared. 
"I have an idea give me your keys. I'm driving."
"Ashton. I need to get home the suns about to set and I'm tired" you reply quite harshly
"But-" he cut you off 
"Please?" He said with a puppy dog face. You nod just to shut him up


He blind folded you so you didn't know where you were going. He helped you out of the car leading you down to a hill and sitting down on the blanket. Ashton slipped off your blindfold and you were astonished from the view. The sun was setting and you were under a tree looking over the pier. 
"Ashton... This is amazing. Thank you."
"Anything for you." He replied with a wink
I smiled back and your flushed with a deep pink. Ashton handed you a glass of champagne. 
"What's the occasion?" You questioned 
"Look y/n I have something to ask you" he said 
You nodded and he kept going 
"We've only been on a few dates but I liked you since the moment I saw you. Your the prettiest girl I have ever layed my eyes on. You have the best personality and the funniest person I know I was wondering if it could be my honor for me to call you my girlfriend." Ashton said embarrassed and he blushed 
"I would be honored. Thank you." You pulled him in for a hug but you sneak in a kiss. The rest of the night was filled with giggles and little pecks. 

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