Asian Monthly Challenge: April

Sets for the April Challenge in the group, Asian Monthly Challenge:
April Challenge:
1. An idol wearing shorts
2. An idol with red lipstick
3. An idol as Disney character [you can find examples here:*]
4. An idol wearing checked or striped pants
5. A set with an item from this site:
6. Romantic spring with GaIn
7. 15&
8. April birthday
9. April comeback
10. An idol wearing a hat
11. An idol with a mascot/toy
12. Pure&innocent - female wearing white
13. Outside [not in a building but outside, in garden/street]
14. From the same company [at least two idols from the same company /not from the same band]
15. An idol whose real name/stage name starts with the same letter as yours
16. Spring lady [female with a flower]
17. Twins
18. Amazing duet
19. An idol and sweets [candy, chocolate, cake...]
20. Princess Ball - special challenge [contest]

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