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“Oookay,” I start. “What was that? Did she?”

“Yes.” The Doctor keeps pacing around the floor trying to think.

“But, she disappeared.” 

“Yes, Rory! She disappeared. Poof! Like a magic trick, now shut up I’m try– Oh, you beauty!” He jumps up and down and rushes toward the door. 

“What are you doing?” Lestrade whispers urgently. “That thing is still out there!” He holds the Doctor by the arm. 

“I don’t think so, Inspector.” The man named Sherlock drawls. “We’re not really what it wanted. Am I right, Doctor?” 

“Yes, yes, yes, quite correct. Now the thinking… stop it.” Sherlock looks shocked. Dr. Watson can’t help but to start laughing and Amy, Martha and I look on in confusion. 

“That’s another point,” Amy says. “How did you get here?” She pokes a finger at Sherlock. 

“I’m not sure.” 

“How d’you mean, you’re ‘not sure’?” I ask. Sherlock rolls his eyes. 

“Exactly that. I don’t know how I got here. All I know is that I’m here.”

The Doctor turned around and faced Sherlock. “Exactly what were the steps of you’re just being here?” He said, tilting his head slightly as he walks toward him. 

“I opened a wardrobe. Reached in to get my coat, and here I am. It is quite a puzzle. One I will enjoy deciphering.” He rubbed his hands in relish, which seemed a little creepy. The Doctor started muttering in gibberish. Well, to me it was gibberish. It was probably a bunch of really important, high tech, stuff; but seeing as how I’m me, I didn’t understand any of it at all. He finally stopped by yelling: “THE NARNIA SOLUTION!” 

“What?” All of us asked, except Sherlock. He was pacing the floor, his long coat flipping around him in his wake. It was kind of impressive.

“You should get one of those.” Amy mutters in my ear. I give her a look. She shrugs, and smiles mischeivously. 
“Doctor,” Martha was saying. “What do you mean the Narnia Solution?” He beamed at all of us. 
“You know! How you can enter into a wardrobe, or be pulled from one place to another by an inexplicable force. Just like in Narnia!” 

“We’re in Narnia?” Dr. Watson says incredulously. The Doctor shook his head.

“Well, no, of course not. Narnia is completely different from this place. Much greener for one thing…”

“You’ve been to Narnia?” Lestrade stares at him.

“No.” The Doctor says, obviously lying. I roll my eyes. “Well, let’s go outside. Should be perfectly safe.”

“Why’d you have to say that?” I moan, but we go with him anyway. He opens the door tentatively. 
“See, no strange, flying cows here. We need to get back to that temple.” He says as he rushes off toward the edge of town. Amy, Martha, and I are the first to bolt after him. The others are not far behind. We reach the temple and find the TARDIS in front. 
“I don’t remember the TARDIS being there.” I remark.

“That’s because it wasn’t there before.” The Doctor says slowly. We go round to the front and the Doctor goes to open the door, but before he can it’s jerked open and a dark haired man in a blue pinstriped suit, with a brown coat is staring back at us. 
He puts his hands in his pockets and grins at us.

“Oh, hello! I’m the Doctor!” 

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