The TARDIS made the familar VWORP VWORP noise as it travelled through the time vortex. The tall and slim man, jumped over the soft chairs that were near the edge of the console. His face was full of excitement as he dashed about the circular console, pulling leavers and pushing buttons. He suddenly made a sharp movement to the left as he changed direction, sliding slightly as he pulled the bronze screen round, looking at it. The circles on the screen, of his native language moved about and a wider grin spread across his face. Running his hands thorugh his brown spiky hair, his sideburns framed his face perfectly.

He felt his beloved ship come to halt and he bounded towards the door, grabbing his long brown coat as he went. Throwing open the door open, th wrong way as usual, he stepped out. "This planet is beautiful Donna.." he said glancing back to talk to his ginger companion. His young face fell slightly, when he realised that he was alone. 


He was used to it now, after all he had travelled alone for years before he had picked up the first companion. But loneliness was always a hard emotion, aswell as loss. He lost so many of his companions, some to death but others to his old friend time. Although he looked young, he was old, so old, sometimes he thought he was too old.

The Doctor shook his head, and actually looked at the new world around him. Well...he wouldn't say new, just a new part. He shoved his hands into his pockets, as he walked into the weak sunlight, watching the natve species of the planet go about theit daily buisness. 

His brown eyes lit up with excitement as he gazed across at his favourite species, his favourite planet. The Doctor grinned again, his ethusiam infinite, for the place that was one of the closest places he actually called home. 

The Oncoming Storm's eyes were filled with happiness and calm as he gaze at Earth. 

/His/ planet Earth.



Nothing much happened because I wanted to try and capture his loneliness and longing for socialing. 


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