- i'll probably make a video, if i have time(:
make it as random , or whateverr(:♥

thanks @lillyisabanana for the idea, i stole it .
#sorryNOTsorry .

anyone want to make an old polyvore account ?c:
i think it would be funn(:


I think stephen likes me, ohmygosh♥

okay, today he kept listening to me & leann's convos & added comments .

- then in science, he's like , what's up?(: & keep smiling & then i told leann she's a chip , & he was like WELL YOU'RE A PRETZEL ROD(: & smiled(:
- then he looked & smiled at me for like a minute & then me & leann pushed each other into dana as a joke, & my bracelet fell off & he went up to me, smiled & gave it to mee♥(:

oh & we did a lab, and our teacher was telling us, like someone did stupid stuff during this lab, & he turned around & said that would probably be you & smiled(:

so guys, do you think he likes mee?(: any advice?(:♥


oh & i got moved during l.a & i got moved by robert (: & he took a picture of me, tapped me on the shoulder & pretended he didn't do it & then we looked at pictures together on his phone♥(:


& during gym, yeah i have no more health, we played volleyball(: & me & dylan had a fight, he's like OH YEAH YOU HIT THE BALL , and i'm like i wanna see you do better(: so we have a competition with ryan too(: 

so yeah ask me questions(:♥


-xx nomie♥

January 28th, 2O13. 

please add @iconsofneverland i'm turning it into an icon, school supply & profile makeover & school guides & plans account ♥.
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