"So are you ready for the best tour of your life" Arizona joked. Arizona had offered to show me around the school as well as some places in London.
"So dreadry Old London, what made you choose here" She asked she pointed out a small bakery.
"They make the best cupcake's , like .ever." she said.
"Well my dad's job is the main reason we moved" i said.
We grabbed a small booth as i sat there with cupcake with lots of icing , Arizona had an equally yummy looking cupcake. 
"Maybe we should watch what we eat or gossip girl will be all over us" Arizona joked bitterly. I'm guessing she isnt a fan.
"So other than gossip girl should i stay away from anyone?" i asked her, "well most of the girls arent bad , they have there moments but we are teenager b*tching is to be expected" She said lightheadly "oh but if i was to tell you stay away from anyone it would be Mirabella , she is just" i could tell she was getting frustrated.
"Do you have a big family?" Arizona asked , 
"Kinda i have more adopted family then blood relatives but family is family right" she looked interested , i could tell she was curious and wanted to ask but she didnt . 
"It's alright you can ask?" I said smiling , i have answered this so many times. "adopted?" i nodded "my mother and father were killed in a car crash , me and my twin were in the car but we survied." i said i could see the sympathy in her eyes but it wasnt needed i could barely even remember them.
"your twin when does she start?" she asked , i laughed. "he starts monday" "oh" she replied.
The rest of the tour continued her telling me about her life and london , it was fun. It looks like i'm making friends.
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