Aspen Xi {Character Study}

Aspen Xi
Birthplace: Easter Air Temple
Biography: Aspen is a young girl with child's dreams of a happier place. She doesn't like to think about anything serious or saddening. She is the kind of girl that would like to have a good laugh and be with others. She is a natural air bender and she doesn't really practice like some. She just uses her bending to play games and cause trouble. Aspen was always getting scolded by the sisters for her lack of maturity. While many of the girls didn't speak unless they had something to say Aspen speaks even if she has nothing to say at all. The other girls found her a bit strange and the sisters thought she might have been better at the other temple but Aspen refused to leave. She had never felt the need for friends besides she had her pet flying bison if she got lonely. But when the resistance came to recruit Aspen was reluctant to leave her home but one of the sisters she was closest to encouraged her to leave and see the world with them. She painted a picture of a happy journey of leisure but Aspen soon learned this was no vacation.
Collection: you're looking at it...
Fighting style: Aspen is skilled but has never really used her bending for fighting and like all Air nomads she would much rather talk it out than fight.
Model: Ginta Lapina

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