astrid aphrodite-oceana givenchy.

ғυll naмe;; astrid aphrodite-oceana givenchy.
nιcĸnaмe;; none.
age;; fourteen.
daтe oғ вιrтн;; seventeenth of february.
вιrтнplace;; oslo, norway.
perѕonalιтy;; astrid tries to act a polite as she can be, but if you bring one mistake she will bring you to the bottom. she is mostly positive on the outside yet she absolutely / hates / having / people / following / her, she can take an immediate disliking to a person right away if you act too fake, or are just weird, or even too nice.
appearence;; barbara palvin.
naтιonalιтy;; 3 quarters norwegian, 1 quarter swedish.
вιograpнy;; on a cold snowy night a little girl named astrid was born, she was born right into the givenchy family, a wealthy family to be precise. astrid grew up in oslo, norway and can speak pure norwegian and even danish and swedish as those languages were similar to norwegian. astrid had the perfect life back then, but when her mother divorced her father, that couldn't be put back at all, astrid decided to live with her model mother, yet her younger sister anya decided to live with her dad, astrid was devastated yet she got to see anya only once a year. astrid soon developed a sudden interest in fashion, her mother was delighted and took astrid into the fashion industry and taught astrid all about fashion, astrid has even modeled a few times, but the thing astrid had most passion for was handball, she had been training since she was 4 and is an expert.
clιqυe cнoιce #1;; i would love astrid to be considered an invite clique as i think she has the potential!
clιqυe cнoιce #2;; i can't exactly find an open clique that suits her so i'll just do with socialites.
eхтraѕ;; {Optional}

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