Astrid Strike
Position: Trapeze artist
Astrid’s the top female trapeze artist, and partners with her twin, Ash. Strike isn’t her true surname, but who would know? Astrid and her brother are very silent about their past. For all the Cirque knows, they were dropped on the Colverts’ doorstep as babies and raised themselves as performers. She’s also known to be a compulsive liar, and slips white lies shamelessly between each sentence. One day she’ll be your best friend, the next she’ll treat you like a stranger. She’s moody and unpredictable, which only adds to her mysterious charm.
Age: Somewhere between 18 and 22. Who really knows?
Looks: Willa Holland

"Hello?" The voice came from somewhere high up in the ceiling of the circus tent. Below, a group of girls turned their faces upwards. "It`s me, Astrid," said the voice, and they saw the trapeze artist hanging upside down a few metres above their heads. "I didn`t realize I was all the way up here. I must have been sleepclimbing again. I haven`t been sleeping well lately. See, it`s all because of that ghost in the circus train. The horrible whining, couldn`t sleep at all last night. We really should see what she wants, don`t you think?" Her eyes shimmered with delight. "I`m sure Ash could come with us," she smiled. "Oh, and could someone help me down, please?"


Note: I couldn`t find the updated info on the parts, but took the chance I was still signed up for Astrid Strike. (If this is wrong, please let me know.) I thought it was a bit hard to make a set about her, but I guess it`ll get easier.
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Wrote 7 years ago
Very cute & creative! Love the story. Well done!

Wrote 7 years ago

Wrote 7 years ago
great job with the theme!!!

Wrote 7 years ago
great job, dear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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