• your love is my drug
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  • the surgeon & the scientist
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  • I loved you forever
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  • Chanel's New Elixir
    The brand new Chanel Le Vernis nail colour, plus see the autumn/winter 2013-14 beauty look close up
  • It's All in the Eyes 100 Beautiful Photo Manipulations
    The eyes have long been considered the windows to the soul. Photographers often try to focus on a subject's eyes as a way to add depth and emotion to a photo. But there are still only so many ways you can emphasize the eyes in a standard photo. That's where photo manipulations like those below enter the scene. Some are macabre and just a little bit (or extremely) frightening, while others make us think of fantasy worlds filled with fairies and nymphs. And then there are those that are done just to make the subject appear more striking. In any case, all are inspiring and a great place to start if you're looking for some ideas. | Tags: Inspiration, Adobe Photoshop