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If you haven't noticed already, I'm obsessed with pastel right now. Anyway, below is the bio of my MTW character. I was in MTW before but I didn't connect to my character enough and blah blah blah. I've decided to try it again thanks to @luxecouture (my inspiration in life). Just as a disclaimer, her stories are ten trillion gazillion times better than mine, so please don't hate on my lack of writing skills. I love writing but I realize I have a lot to work on and this story might help me, I hope. Back to what I was saying, please keep your negative judgmental thoughts to yourself unless it's constructive criticism, which I love. Please please please DO give feedback..

Name: Melody Xi / Melody Acosta 
Age: 19
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1367913
Hometown: Quezan City, Philippines 
Current City: California, US of A
Bio: "You were born to be a star!" Ever since Melody was a baby, she was in the spotlight. It started with insignificant commercials and modelings gigs here and there. Eventually it branched out to casting roles in Oscar-winning movies at the age of seven and walking the infamous red carpets of Hollywood. By the time Melody turned sixteen, she was a household name. Who made this all happen for her? None other than her adoptive-mother/manager Kasia. Melody was an orphan in the Philippines until she was taken in by Kasia. They moved to California and turned little Melody into a star. Some say that Melody lucked out in the adoptive parent department. After all, she grew up living the American dream and Kasia /did/ save her from what could have been a tragic life in the Philippines. So you would expect Melody to be loving her life and living it up, right? Melody hates what her life has become since Kasia her "momager" passed away. After her mother's death, she was put in Veronica's hands, a close friend of Kasia's. Her new manager Veronica is extremely domineering, to say the least. Not only did she want to change Melody's cookie-cutter image but she forced her to get into singing and dancing, when Melody's one true love was only acting. Poor Melody had a terrible time saying no to people, especially to Veronica. So what did Melody do when she couldn't handle the pressure any longer? She escaped. And now the world wonders....did Melody really run away from her glamorous life or is she dead?
Model: Barbara Palvin 


"Melody! I love you, Melody!" 

"When I grow up, I want to be /you/!"

"Oh my gosh, I'm breathing the same air as Melody Xi! Melody, I love you! My life is made! You are my role model. I worship you, Melody! I'm going to be the most popular girl in school! Can I get a picture?" a preteen girl shrieked as she finally let go of me. Tears poured out of her eyes and she was hyperventilating. 

I shook my head. "Sorry, no photographs today." I said monotonically. The girl reached into her bag and produced a camera. One of the guards tried to stop her. Predictably, she didn't. 

"No, I need to get a picture! They'll never believe me if I don't have proof!" she cried as another guard appeared and had to carry her away. 

 The scenario repeated itself countless times the entire night. This happened almost every night. At any event, chaos was expected. But signings were the worst because contact with the fans was always dangerous. Especially with the crazies. And there were /always/ crazy fans. They were the ones who cried, kicked and screamed. They were the ones who broke the rules. They were the ones security had to shoo away. In spite of it all, /they/ were the ones who were the most dedicated. 

And when they were carried out by the guards, my face had to remain emotionless. I couldn't object, I couldn't even say sorry, I couldn't act like I cared. This industry had desensitized me. 

We were backstage at a concert. I had just done one of the longest shows yet. I was on a continent I'd never been in before. I had barely been in the country for two hours before the concert began. I was drained. I felt like all the energy in me had been sucked out. It was how I felt after every show. I told Veronica I was tired and that I wanted to rest just a while before I went out for signings. But no. What I wanted didn't matter to Veronica. I had to deal with it. I had to sign CD's, pictures, and body parts. I had to hug strangers and take pictures with them. And I had to do it all with a permanent smile plastered on my face. 

"Is that all for tonight?" I asked hopefully as I peered over my shoulder and saw at least a couple hundred more fans squealing and wailing behind the fence that separated them from me. As much as I wanted to meet them all, I wasn't strong enough to last another hour out here signing autographs. 

Veronica emerged from behind me. Her sharp voice boomed over the noisy crowd of fans. "Yes. You have an interview in the morning."

As we made our way through a secret door and walked out of the building, Veronica began informing me of the next day's events. "Morning, fly back to the United States, Regis & Kelly Live. Afternoon, book signing. Evening, meeting with your new record label. After that--"

"Cancel it all." I said, my voice shaking. 

"What was that?" Veronica turned around, flashing a wicked grin like what I had said was bogus. 

"/Cancel it all/." I repeated, with more conviction this time. 

Veronica broke into her notorious cackle. "Oh, you're just tired, sweetie." she leaned in and hugged me. 
I pushed her away. "Let go of me!" I said. I hated her. She was always trying to act like my mother. She wasn't my mother. She would never be. We climbed into the tour bus and I ran to my bed. 

I hated not having control of my life. 

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