tryout for RIH;

name: camille 'cam' ford
age: 25
quote or lyric to describe you character : "Riding through the city on my bike all day 'Cause the filth took away my license It doesn't get me down and I feel okay ‘Cause the sights that I'm seeing are priceless' - LDN, Lily Allen
likes: fresh flowers, morning coffee, freshly baked pastries, clothes, calvin klein suits, lazing around in bed, laughing, her ipad
dislikes: confrontations, complications, paparazzi, being cheated, messy home, bad coffee, making fun of her family
style: basic and minimalistic, at times androgynous but always puts comfort and practicality first
previous occupation: fashion buyer for GAP
education (if relevant) : FIT
bio: while the fords are usually a dysfunctional bunch that never fail to make headlines, camille's the black sheep that somehow managed to escape the crazy. almost like she doesn't belong in the family, camille is down-to-earth, carefree, and as some say, plain boring. she shuns the spoilt heiress image and instead opted for an independent lifestyle, hoping to make it big in the fashion industry by working as a buyer for GAP right after graduating from fashion school. though she's strictly allergic to complications or confrontations (paparazzi included in the list), camille loves her family and has no qualms being associated with them for her achievements. it's easy to be friends with camille, always sunshine and smiles, but the one thing that could make her flinch is to trample on her ambitions.
model: sabrina meijer (afterdrk)



Perched on the kitchen counter stool reading the morning papers, Alex was unfazed as I waltzed into the kitchen with an envelope in my hand. I could do a triple flip and he probably still wouldn't turn, so I sat next to him and pulled the papers from him. 


"Congratulate me," I told him matter-of-factly as I held up the envelope. Alex just stared at it blankly before trying to reach out for the papers. I ended up tossing it onto the floor. 

"Camille, seriously," he grumbled, though his lips had twisted into a tiny grin. "Fine. What's with the envelope and the Monday morning enthusiasm?"

I pulled out the letter from inside the envelope and cleared my throat. I caught Alex rolling his eyes as he grabbed his coffee mug. I ignored him and started reading the letter.

"Dear Miss Camille Ford," it read. "You have been selected to be a part of the TV reality program, Running In Heels, which will begin its filming soon..."

"Get out," Alex cut me off. I looked up and handed him the letter, which he took and read to himself. A few seconds later, he looked at me with his big blue eyes and laughed. 

"Why're you even going to be on this show? You know there're going to be cameras following you around and people who watch judging everything you say."

I shrugged nonchalantly as I took back the letter from him and folded it gently back into its envelope. I wasn't expecting confetti and candles but at least he could be happy for me.

"I'd thought about those actually," I told him. "For like 3 minutes. Then I realized my whole life I've had cameras following me around and people are already judging me just because I'm alive. Like hello, I'm a Ford. That's a reason enough for the general public to be judgmental."

"But this show is going to be a major stepping stone for my career. I like my job at GAP, but if there's something better, I'm gonna grab it."

Alex stared hard at me, before reaching out and gently patting my back. 

"If that makes you happy, then congrats," he smiled. "And good luck. Who knows, you could actually kick your brother Damien off the front page of the papers next time?"

I laughed. Mentioning my brother was always amusing to me. Maybe its because of the photos that came along with every different headline that graces the tabloids. If he wasn't passed out drunk, he would have at least a broken tooth or a black eye.

"Maybe this is your chance to prove that there's actually a sane person in your family," Alex commented. 

"Yeah, but does it matter? I'm doing this because I want to, and because it seems like a good career boost. Besides, there's nothing really wrong with my family. Everyone has problems its just that theirs get publicised to the whole world."

Alex fell silent, then he grinned and took another sip of his coffee. 

"That's what happens when you're famous, sweetheart."

Fame. Ironic how I've been shunning the limelight for years, yet now I'm on board the train to very same road my family had headed (and got lost) to. But I brushed off the thought, and it brought a smile back to my face just thinking about how I was finally given the chance to chase after my own dream.
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