at last we have gone too far | Lucretia Richelieu

* 20 years old
* Was -that- kind of it-girl in school.
* The closest to her fate out of the seven sins.
* Embodiment of avarice.
* Rich girl. Fills her life with shopping and things. Always wants the next best thing and -to be- the next best thing.
* Cruel, needy and greedy.
* Accepts her fate. Thinks that whatever side she's on will win, and she'll get what she wants in the end.
* Knows more about what's going on than pretty much any of the other virtues/vices, but isn't saying anything. Happy watching her other vices destroy themselves.
* Loves the macabre and dark. Horror junkie.
* Goes and watches horror films with Clara [Diligence], [Sloth] and [Temperance]. It's pretty much the most genuine social thing she does. She likes it, even though she hates them all. She doesn't hate them whilst they're all crunching popcorn and watching something spooky.
* Messes around with the occult. Into satanism and 'black magic'.
* Will screw you over.
* Really hates Modesty [Pride]. Is cordial with Clara [Diligence] because of that.
* Hates [Humility] even more.
* Pretty horrible, but also a silly little girl who doesn't know what damnation means for her future.
* Thinks she's bigger, badder, darker, more knowledgeable and more in control than she really is.
* Does have lots of pretty things, though. Look at her pretty, shiny things!

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