The morning is for sleeping. Through the dark streets, they go searching to see God in their own way. Save the nighttime for your weeping, your weeping.
Cemeteries of London//Coldplay
It's the song that's currently playing right now, okay?

Anyways, I've uploaded the three fanfics I've written onto Quizilla, and again, my profile is
I forgot that we could use capital letters... whoops :/
So far, someone's actually seen my first one and gave me a 5/5, which makes me pretty happy to see, but with Quizilla, it's really easy for someone to give you a 5/5, because most people who rate just do that. At least it's been viewed, though. Even if some of those are my views.
I made my drunk Italy brothers story and the Canada story into a series, called The Babysitter Journals (except with special letters). And I changed my icon from a creepy question mark into Germany with a mustache. 
"MOOSTACHE! Ahahahahaha, you look so very stupid with a big, bushy moostashe, like some hipster at high school party!"
That is my favorite line, right there.
Oh, and I started going through my favorite authors and adding stories to my favorites, and I finally found the quiz I was looking for! I lost it, but then I found it ^_^
Tee hee. Maybe I should unleash this Hetalia energy on Rachel to annoy her on Monday. That is, if she's being bitchy. If not, I'll leave her alone.
Or maybe I'll do it to Matt. Considering if I'm going to talk to him.
Ugh. I can't believe this is happening... again.
This is basically just like deja vu, except instead of Michael, it's Matt.
Why do all my best guy friends abandon me? Especially around this time of year?
At least I know how it feels and how to deal with it:
-Ignore him at all costs
-Avoid him if I can
-Occupy myself with my other friends
-If I feel that the mood lightens up, I'll try to talk about it with him.
-Try not to let the overwhelming feelings of guilt consume me (though, I always have feelings of guilt, so this is a toughie :/)
-Keep my head in perspective
-Don't complain about it too much to my other friends (or just to Miranda, basically)
Way to start off, huh?
Well, @all-we-believe-in, remember how I told you I'd make it up to you by writing you a fanfic with Spain? Here we go! I'll also post this on Quizilla, under The Babysitter Journals. I got the idea for this last night, when my mom made me shovel the driveway at 7 at night -.- I don't know how much of this actually sounds like Spain, since in most fanfics, he's portrayed as a womanizer. 
p.s. Don't ask me why this takes place where it does, unless you can figure out why I chose this place.

Snowman Weather, by Anh

Snowflakes fell and descended gently onto the cold ground, and the cold air nipped at your skin. Footsteps crunched in the snow behind you, and you turned around to look into bright emerald eyes.
"Mi querida, it's quite cold out here. Why did you want us to come out?" Antonio tried not to shiver, while Romano stood slightly behind him, hunched over, cramming his hands into his pockets with a grouchy face-even more grouchy than usual.
"Well, I need to clear the driveway, so I thought I'd ask my favorite Spaniard to help me," you replied, "and of course, Romano," adding that after you glanced at the moody Italian. 
"C-can't we go back inside already, Spagna? It's so fucking cold outside!" Romano burst at Antonio, "You know what, fuck this! I'm going by myself!" He marched his way to the house, and you sighed as Antonio ran after him. 
Couldn't he take a little coldness?
You picked up your shovel, and started pushing the snow out of the driveway. Tossing the snow onto the grass, you noticed how the snow stuck to the other snow, and you grinned. This was the perfect kind of snow for your favorite winter activity.
"Lo siento, [Name], but Romano is not in a good mood today, because of the cold weather. I'm not used to this weather, myself, either," a smooth voice said. You smiled at the tall man, and said kindly, "That's all right, Antonio! I mean, it must be really different in Spain than it is from here in Canada," picking up another shovelful of snow and tossing it. 
"Ah, you shouldn't have to do such hard work like that! Let me help you," and he started to shovel the driveway alongside with you. He shivered as the wind picked up, and you felt so bad for him that you took a step closer and hugged him. His cheeks flushed, but he hugged you back.
He was about to put his face in your hair when you, a little shy that you were so close to him, suddenly pulled out of the hug, and dropped your shovel on the ground. "Hey, Antonio, let's make a snowman! I bet that will make being out here more fun!" you called over, and he couldn't help but smirk a little.
"Weren't we having some fun with what we were just doing?" he thought, as he walked closer to you, where you had already started to roll the first ball of snow. You pushed and rolled the ball all over the ground until it grew large enough for your liking. He had already started to roll the second one, occasionally patting it with his gloves. 
As you two began to assemble the snowman, Romano looked out the window from inside. He began to feel jealous that you two were having so much fun, and so, he threw on his coat, gloves, and boots, and ran outside, braving the cold. "Hey, I wanna help you guys, too! No fair!" You turned around, and saw the Italian running as fast as he could in the snow. You had just been in a pleasant conversation with Antonio about holiday traditions, and was a little disappointed when you saw him. 
"Of course, my little Roma! Here, this is how you start a snowman," Antonio replied cheerfully, and started helping him make his own snowman. You could hear the pleasant lilt of Antonio's voice mixed with Romano's childish complaints as you stood next to your finished snowman. Romano was so much like a little kid, and Antonio his father.
"HEY! Get back here, you Spanish bastardo!" Antonio laughed as he ran away from the fuming Italian, snow dripping from his face as he chased him. You giggled, and ran after them with your own snowball to try and resolve the fight... or start one of your own. Antonio looked back, and saw you running after them. He could only smile wistfully.
He was going to have to leave Romano in Italy next time he visited.
Eh, this was not the best thing I've ever written. It sounded so much better in my head... UGH.
Well, I hope you enjoyed it, Breanne. 674 words, what now?
Ah, I can't wait to go ice skating with Miranda! But I have to finish coloring my drawing of us... whoops! I have a few hours, though. And then we're going to dinner ^_^
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