Saturday, 14th— We're having a clothes swap at Runway tonight. Bring your old clothes and swap them for someone elses' because, as they say 'one mans junk is another mans treasure'.


I sigh softly to myself as I stare at my closet, trying to decide which items I was willing to part with. Emmett had bought most of the clothes hanging in there, and I knew if he saw that I had gotten rid of them, he would be all there really left to choose from were the clothes that I had bought myself.

I flip my clothes slowly, picking out a couple of cardigans, a few dresses, some tops, and even a couple of purses before I decide that I have enough for the clothes swap, I fold each item carefully and them put them all into a bag before I grab my things, hailing myself a cab once I’m out of my apartment. 

The ride is short, and once I arrive, I’m greeted by Claudia. “Hey! Come on in; put your stuff over there…” She points over to a table with my name on it, nodding. “And just put out your things by category.”

“Oh, thanks.” I smile, nodding slightly.

“And feel free to pick up a basket and look around once you’re done! I think we’re about to start.”

“Alright, thanks.” I nod again, picking up a basket before I go over to my table, laying out my clothes carefully. I wanted to make sure that everything looked nice and that my clothes weren’t wrinkled or anything. 

Once I’m finished I decide to look around, starting at the table next to mine.

“I don’t think my clothes are really your style.” Kate says with a smirk as I walk up, her eyes glinting. “But feel free to look around.”

I laugh softly, picking up a black, lacy shirt. Emmett would like it on me. “Ah, but your clothes are my boyfriend’s style.”

“Ooh, kinky.” She laughs, watching as I look through her things. “We’re about the same size, everything should fit you.”

I nod, deciding to take the top I had just picked up. “Come on, look around with me. Maybe you’ll even find something with color.”

Kate snickers. “Color isn’t my thing.” 

“I know.” I glance up at her, deciding to just grab her by the arm. “Come on now, shop with me!” I say as I start to pull her towards the next table.

“I’m going to /kill/ you, Oxford.” Kate mutters under her breath, but I pretend not to hear her. I knew that secretly she enjoyed my company, even if we were polar opposites. 

After I’ve dragged Kate around to all of the tables, I let her go, watching as she slinks back to her table, muttering to herself. I sit down in an empty seat, putting all of my new clothes into my bag before I get up, waving goodbye to everyone as I head out.

Once I’m on my way home in a cab, I take my phone out, opening up my texts. 2 unread messages. 

I scroll to the first one, seeing that it’s from Emmett. 

‘Hey baby girl, just wanted to say goodnight. Call me in the morning. Wish you were here. xx’

After reading it over, I decide not to reply. He was probably already asleep in bed with his wife already...and I didn’t want to cause any trouble.

I go down to the second message, frowning when I see that it’s from a number that isn’t in my contacts. After a few seconds, I decide to open it anyways, feeling my heart stop when I when I read it.

‘Time to come clean, Addy dear. You know what you’ve done. Either you tell, or I will.’


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