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Miriam Johana Russell, New York Minute

payphone - maroon five

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MOMA is hosting an art show for a new and upcoming artist that has a special exhibit now at the museum. We’re heading over there after work to check it out. 

(yesterday afternoon, six pm)

“Ready to close up?” I ask Collin as I grab my stuff out of the break room.

“Yes, thank god,” He laughs, putting on his coat. “Let’s go get drinks at 1020, I could kill for a martini right now.”

Grabbing the keys, we make our way over to the front entrance. “Sounds great.” 


“Two martinis, dry, with olives please.” I say to the bartender, running my fingers through my long, beachy hair.

“Comin’ right up.” 

“Ugh, can you believe Dorlene’s new boyfriend?” Asks Collin, rolling his eyes. “I swear, I actually think the whorlene’s had more boyfriends than Taylor Swift.”

“Collin, we got off work for a reason,” I say, begging him not to bring up anything work-related.

“Sorry, sorry,” He apologizes, putting his hands up.

Two martinis and a basket of fries later I spy a familiar face down the bar.

“Oh crap.”

“What is it?” Says Collin, clearly a bit tipsy.

“Nothing, I just thought I saw this guy.” I slur, shrugging my shoulders.


Oh no. It was him. And I was already hammered off of two drinks. Perfect.

“Oh hey.. uh Marcus.” I turn, trying to fake a smile.

“Hey,” He smiles, giving me a huge hug. I could feel his strong biceps through his leather jacket.

“I guess you hang out a lot here, huh?” I ask, trying not to stumble over. I turn over my shoulder and see Collin staring and grinning at us intently. 

“Yeah, it’s kind of my go-to.” He chuckles, looking down at his feet shyly. “What about you?”

“Oh, you know, just some after work drinks with my friend,” I nod, motioning towards Collin.

Marcus pauses and bites his lip. “So, hey, umm, I’m sort of having this thing tomorrow at the MoMa, if you wanted to come.” 

Speechless, I nod, remembering that the girls and I had made plans to go see some new artist’s exhibit at the MoMa tomorrow night.

“So you’re an artist?” I ask, dumbfounded.

“Yeah,” He nods, “…so is that a yes, or..?” 

I shake my head, searching hard for just the right words to come to my mouth, “Oh, um, I’ll see.”

“Okay.” Says Marcus, looking disappointed. I felt kinda bad, but you always had to keep them guessing, didn’t ya?

He waves goodbye without saying a word and turns back to his beer. 

“Who. Was. /That?/” Collin wonders, yanking on my wrist like a five-year-old.

I smirk, looking down into my martini glass, “Just some guy.” 



“But I can’t go out tonight, I’m sick.” I plead, faking a cough over the phone.

“C’mon Mir, you like, never get sick. Besides, Kylee’s been waiting all day for you to pick out her outfit!” Carly replies, clearly getting the hint I’m BS’ing her.

“Well there’s a pretty nasty flu epidemic going around, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I had it.” I say, breathing with my mouth open as if my nose was stuffed up. 

“Who are you avoiding now?” Sophie asks, interrupting Carly. I guess she knew by now that faking sick was code for ‘I’m avoiding someone.’

“Um, no one.” I reply. I could almost predict that Carly and Sophie were rolling their eyes on the other side of the phone.

“Just suck it up,” She says, “I promise it’ll be fun.”

Sophie’s soothing voice and Kylee’s desperate plea for style help makes me surrender. “Ugh, fine.” 


“It looks gorgeous on you!” I tell Kylee as she spins around in the bright red dress I lent her. She’d been telling me she wanted to get out of her ‘style comfort zone’ lately, and there’s nothing a sexy red dress couldn’t do to fix that.

“Does it really?” She smiles, sauntering around in her sky-high heels.

Carly, Sophie, and Maggie take a seat on my cluttered couch and nod as Sequoia fetches them glasses of red wine.

“Alright, we should hit it.” Says Sequoia, downing her large tumbler. 

I couldn’t help but feel a bit paranoid to see Marcus. I’d made sure my outfit was the perfect pick, sexy and chic, and hopefully not too flashy.


Kylee squealed as we headed up the stairs of the MoMa, more excited about her new outfit than she was to even see the art, I’m sure.

“So do any of you guys know who this ‘new artist’ is?” I ask, trying to play it cool.

“I don’t really know,” Says Maggie, “Something Weatherly?” 

So his name was Marcus Weatherly. It fit perfectly.

Some paint splattered canvases later, I was hoping that the girls wouldn't "accidentally" bump into the artist, aka the guy Sophie had been desperately trying to set me up with aka Marcus.

"O-M-G!" Kylee squeals.

"What, what?" I whisper, pulling her aside.

"Isn't that the guy you were with at 1020 the other night?" She asks, her giant blue eyes lighting up.

I look across the room at Marcus, who's talking to a grey-haired couple clearly interested in buying one of his pieces... which weren't half bad.

"Oh, really? Are you sure?" I scratch my head and pretend that I'd never seen the guy before in my life.

Kylee rolls her eyes and nudges me in the shoulder. "Just go talk to himmm.." She whines. I groan and hand her my flute of champagne reluctantly. 

I pat down my blonde locks and stride over as if I'm the only one in the room. Confidence was key.

"Marcus? Hey," I say, approaching him. 

He wraps me into his big arms, hugging me close. I could just smell the intoxicating Drakkar-Noir.

"I'm so glad you came." He nods, looking around the room.

"They're great," I reply, putting a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Really? Thanks, I'm glad you like 'em." He smiles, putting his arm around my shoulder. "Can I get you a drink?"

"I'd love that," I say, pulling away from his grasp, "But I should really get back to-"

"My friends? Yeah, I get it." 

Marcus looks in the other direction, solemnly, as if a puppy trying to avoid guilt. 

"Look, I-" I wanted to apologize but the words wouldn't come out. I shook my head and walked back across the room to the girls, who'd been staring at us the entire time.

"So... how'd it go?" Carly asked curiously.

"Fine." I smile, "Just fine." 

xx, Mir


so haha that was the twist. enjoy.
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(why do you hate this? it's beautiful :D)

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This is the cutest set ever <3

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'So you're hanging out with the hottest guy of the century and all you can give us is FINE?! That's just a little cruel, in my opinion.'




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