When you aren’t really used to a relationship with someone in a loving way because you’ve been so used to your own company you sort of feel out of place and like everything you are doing to express your feelings for the other is “too much” or “too less”. Too much in the sense that you can be clingy. Too less in the sense that you are afraid to give yourself fully because you are afraid it’ll run them away. That is what can be difficult battle, because it can be a lose lose situation. Giving yourself away too much can run them away and so does too less. You seem to be stuck trying to find the right balance of giving yourself up. Asking yourself what is too much? What is too less? 

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necklace: http://www.twinkledeals.com/necklaces/vintage-faux-leather-geometric-choker/p_495385.html

clutch: http://www.twinkledeals.com/clutches/fashion-solid-color-and-cover/p_473415.html

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