"Hey boys!" you wiggled you fingers at them as you walked into their music studio.
"But that's my line!" Niall pouted playfully, looking at your shirt.
"Well I guess it's mine now," you gave him an evil grin. Someone slipped his arms around your waist.
"Free hugs, huh? How many do I get?" a husky voice said from behind. Harry.
You turned around and gave him a peck on the lips."One, of course"
"Harry pouted like a baby, something that always made you laugh.
"Why is everyone pouting today?" asked Zayn.
"Where did YOU come from?" asked Louis, who had been watching the whole exchange with a mischievous glint in his eyes.
"The mystery man never tells his secret," Zayn winked. 
Liam walked in, hands crossed over his shoulders. "Zayn, have you been hiding in the-janitor's-closet-that-never-really-closes again? And why hullo there Y/N"
You smiled as Harry leaned in to you, giving his best puppy dog eyes, begging for a kiss.

Aw, those boys. They always made your day. And that was your last thought before Harry's lips met yours.

made with love for @sabrinasabrina-1

hope u like it! u'd totally rock the outfit!
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