1. What's your favorite candy? Reese's peanut butter cups and the Starbursts Gummies!!
2. Whats your favorite snack? I like to eat bananas so...BANANAS!! 
3. What's your favorite meal? I prefer home cooked meals because you know they are made fresh and delicious!! yum : )
4. What's your favorite color? Purple, neon green, turquoise, orange and pink.
5. What's your favorite song? Well i have a lot...My top song is an old one but i would say Both Of Us by Taylor Swift and B.o.B
6. What's your favorite movie? Umm...I would say..Water Horse and The Last Song..
7. What's your favorite store? Bealls, Burlington, and Forever 21.
8. What's your favorite thing to wear? I like to dress up kind of..but i don't like to that much but i like to wear a simple pair of skinny jeans with my vans or flats.
9. What's your favorite sport? I love to run so i would say track...But i don’t run so fast..
1O. What's your favorite website? I normally only go on Polyvore..but I like Facebook a little bit more..
11. Apples or Oranges? Apples
12. Light or Dark? Dark!!
13. Rain or Shine? Rain..I LOVE the smell of it.
14. Polka Dots or Stripes? Stripes.
15. White or Black? Black..
16. Mom or Dad? My grandma.
17. Coke or Pepsi? Pepsi
18. Facebook or Polyvore? Umm..Both?
19. Jeans or Sweats? Skinny Jeans!! 
2O. Pastel or Neon? Pastel.
21. Go to Paris, France or Rome, Italy? Well..I’ve mainly only have wanted to go to Paris and Rome..
22. Go to New York or California? I would want to go to New York for New Years Eve..but I would like to go to California to go to all the beaches. 
23. Go to England or Australia? England.....
24. Go to Canada or Mexico? Canada!!
25. Go to Hawaii or Alaska? Hawaii!! I’ve always wanted to copy the Hawaiian dancers hah :D
26. Blue eyes or brown eyes? I like brown eyes because they are big and so cute! O_O
27. Taller or shorter? Taller!! I’ve always have wanted to like tippy toe to kiss them.
28. Long hair or Short hair? Short hair! I hate when they have long hair and its like blowing, and it flies in your face and you do your best to keep your hair out of their face..?
29. Nice guy with okay appearance or Okay guy with a good appearance? Nice guy with okay appearance. 
Blond/Brown hair or Black/Redheads? Both. But not redheads -_-
31. Wear Foundation or Concealer? Neither..I care about my face for clear skin.
32. Wear Lipstick or Lipgloss? Neither. 
33. Wear Mascara or Eyeliner? Both.
34. Wear Eye Shadow or Blush? Neither.
35. Eye Liner or Lip Liner? Eyeliner.
WHO IS ?(: 
36. Your role model? My grandma. 
Your bestfriend(s)? Theres A LOT but here you go : ) Megan, Kayle, Emily,Leshanna, Morgyn, Amy, Ingrid, Rauvy, Danny, Cameron, TIffany, Chase, Jaden, Justin, and Joy!! 
38. Your favorite person? My grandma.
39. Your worst enemy? Lorenzo..Yeah he’s my ex...I hate when boys do that to you..
40. Your favorite teacher? My history/Language Arts teach..she dresses so good!!
ONE ?(:
41. Wish? To have a real family.
42. Belief? That every thing is possible.
43. Memory? Being happy with my mom and dad.
44. Guy? Awkward! Don't wanna talk bout this one. 
45. Day? Die happy.
46. Your worst memory? The fact that i know my mom is in jail and my dad is in prison for 25 years :,(
47. Your favorite memory? My sister being home with us.
48. Your most weirdest memory? Well I was at my friends house and we took this video where I got pantsed and my best friends crush wanted to watch it over and over again.
49. Your most embarrassing memory? Fainting on a boy who I go to school with now..yeah and everyone brings it up when our choir teacher tells us to tap our neighbors shoulder and sit down... : /
50. Your most funnest memory? When my cousin and my sister and i went to this persons fence and we climbed it to get on the horse but the horse was too tall(the fence was really high off the ground) and this old man yelled at us so we just stood there till we thought he was gone haha..
51. Your worst dream (aka nightmare)? Well mine isn’t really a clear vision but its like that feeling when you squeeze you fat and rub it around and it scares me for some reason..
52. Your favorite dream? Well I was with my mom on one side and my dad on the other side with all my brothers and sisters..
53. Your most embarrassing dream? I was fat and i let my chubby hang out
54. Your weirdest dream? Well my sister said she seen this too which is weird anyways we were with this witch and she shoved her into this small tiny doll house.
55. Your coolest dream? I was at this really cool water park woth all my friends and my crush.
56. How many siblings do you have? Eight. (oldest to youngest) Alysia, Jessie, Me, Alexa, Elijah, Nickolas, Augistine, and Nathaniel. some are half though.
57. How many kids do you want? Two twins!! I want them to be girls though so they will have the same hair doo too.
58. Do you want to get married? If so, how old? Yes. I want to be like barley turning 30 though because i want to have time to find that right guy. 
59. Do you have or had any pets?I have a dog...its a wiener dog named Oscar.
60. Do you like pie? Yes!! I love pumpkin pie the most!!a
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