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Sunday, November 20th: One of the local colleges' drama clubs is putting on a performance of the musical Legally Blonde. They're known for being good so let's go out to support them.

“I’m sorry I can’t go D I really wanted to see it” Nate said faking being sick so he didn’t have to go. He hated musicals, and I loved them but not even Max went with me I always went alone not even girlfriends wanted to go not even my own mother she never had time. As much as I loved the theater nobody wanted to go with me. 
So I got ready and I decided to go by myself. My empty seat could hold my purse and my jacket. 
The college was as I remembered it when I had gone here. The theater had just been redone and I was so excited to see it Jane gave the biggest donation to it. So I got first row seats. She needed a charity to give the money to for taxes and I was lucky that my college needed the money. They gave me a scholarship after all a full ride it was because of them I went to college. When my father cut me off to I had no college I couldn’t go back to Yale I had no money but Columbia gave me a full ride and that’s where I got reunited with Nate . 
I had a bottle of water and I was staring I should have eaten beforehand I was reading the program. Things had changed since I went here. At least the theater; I remember when I played Eliza from My Fair Lady. Only play I was ever in besides the child plays well that was the only play I counted because I got it from my talent not just an in from my family. 
The lights went off and no one was sitting next to me I felt like an old maid. The curtain rose up and then someone rudely walked in. I rolled my eyes, I couldn’t see him but he was built like a linebacker. It was so rude that was one of my pet peeve coming late to the theater. It must have been bad luck or maybe even good luck but the linebacker sat right next to me on my right. I could see the outline of his face he looked attractive but that wasn’t an excuse for being like. He smiled at me and I turned up to the play.
“Did I miss much?” He whispered in my ear. His voice sounded like one’s of a dude jock’s trying to be smart. 
I sighed and whispered in his ear “Yes you did something huge but if you weren’t late you would have seen it” I said coldly all he did was chuckle.
“Sorry madam”
He took up half of my seat with his big body. And his arm never left mine it was like he was going to cope a feel or something 
“Want one” The meathead asked me I turned my head to see him eating beef jerky in the theater not even leaving it to eat. As much as I loved jerky
“Can you first tell why you must break the rules of the theater?” I turned to him.
“You’re funny you know Blondie”
“It’s Delilah Foster”
 He laughed “I know” I furrowed my brow confused and a bit scared. “Hey I’m not a stalker it’s just you’re name is on a picture outside you were the hot blonde that was in My Fair lady right”
I just nodded. 
“You see that’s why I was late I was trying to find your name I asked the office and they lead me somewhere and the time I found it the play had started”
“So why the jerky?” I asked
“I haven’t eaten dinner so I bought something at the gas station” he offered the bag out to me and I sighed and took a piece I hadn’t eaten either “Now you’re the first girl I’ve ever met to eat beef jerky”
I chuckled “Really beef jerky is amazing I wish I could eat it more but my diet has other thoughts”
“Well You just work it off “ He grinned.
“Trust me I do nothing but it’s just healthy food a healthy heart”
“Well I’m healthy as a horse”
“Well with those muscles I would amuse so” I joked.
“Well with that body of your’s I seriously doubt you can’t have beef jerky” He smiled and what a smile it was it made me melt. He was so charming I just wanted to rip his clothes off and have sex with him the whole weekend just with his body against mine I didn’t care if I ever knew his name I don’t care if he called me blondie. “You know you never asked my name” He chuckled.
“How rude of me” I looked up to him. “What’s your name?”
“Danny Wilkinson” 
“Nice to meet you” I smiled.
“Alright now that we know each other’s names why don’t you let me take you to dinner after this” 
“I shouldn’t…”

“Please” he smiled I nodded
When the play was over we walked out “So you like musicals?” I asked
“It’s a weird hobby okay I’m obsessed. I love the theater I was always the stage crew moving the sets because I had muscle. I wished I was an actor but you know football jock being an actor”
“What college did you go too?” I asked 
“Columbia…My Great great Grand-father went there and all of my family after that always the fraternity boys and I was too” 
“Oh you were that guy”
He laughed “That guy?” He laughed 
“The rich jock, you was hot and the guy everyone wanted to be and to have”
“Yeah me in a nutshell” He looked at me “Let me guess you”
I laughed “Go ahead and try”
“Well Pageant rich girl, who partied to find happiness who had a drug problem and a drinking problem. Everyman wants every girl envies for her beautiful and her confidence”
“Well you’re half right but no I never did drugs and you forgot the end of the story”
“Tell me”
I sighed. “She loses the big pageant and her daddy cuts her off and she works to get everything she has”
“I’m sorry” 
At a table in a little restaurant with Danny I was laughing my ass off even without any alcohol. 
“Okay so worst drunk story” I asked 
“Oh man there’s been a lot well I guess there’s Halloween 2002 I went as Thor and my girlfriend was I think catwoman and anyway we went to a party and from what I was told I had way to many drinks and the whole night I thought I was actually Thor and I acted like him and I broke the house “ I laughed “Like a punched a wall and broke some glass stuff and everyone thought I was Thor” I laughed harder. “And I woke up without my girlfriend but in a bed with five woman with a note on my head saying ‘Thor is the God of sex’” I laughed even harder. “Okay” He laughed “that’s the only one people told me about…now you!” 
“Oh God I was a party girl and I loved to shop and it was thanksgiving and I was drunk out of my mind before the dinner and I almost had gotten run over by a car. But I remember the dinner and I dressed in this slutty dress in front of my grand-parents and everyone and then in the middle of dinner I got up on the table of food and walked on all of it and screamed ‘My Turkey needs to be stuffs give it to me’ Something like that “ He laughed “I think I walked on all the food and ruined it all by the pie which my cousin threw in my face when my mother was washing the food off my body” Danny couldn’t stop laughing 
Walking home at 7am wasn’t my plan but I didn’t mind it with Danny we watched the sun come up then he offered to walk me home. The apartment building looked pretty in the morning light. “Well this is me…where do you live?” He stopped at the door. 
I was confused “I live here in apartment 28” 
He grinned. “What a coincidence first we go to the same musical then we live in the same building”
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