Audition Form: 
-Full Name; Victoria Ann Young
-Age and Year; 16, 6th.
-House; Ravenclaw
-Wand; 12 inches, elk, dragon heartstring core.
-Bio; Victoria, a muggle born from London, England, is very much just an average girl. Growing up, she was the typical little girl, except for her doll's hair growth and boiling her water for her fake tea parties. She had a lovely childhood, even though her parents divorced when she was three and she lived with her mum and her older brother until her mum got remarried and then she had a step-dad and a step-sister who was very young when she was ten. On her brother's eleventh birthday, he received his Hogwarts Acceptance letter and he was whisked away from her on September first. She was always close to her brother, so him being gone for so long was hard on her. But on her eleventh birthday, a year later, she got her own letter and she went along with him. 
-Personality;Victoria isn't shy, but she doesn't open up easily. She's a natural born leader, much like a stereotypical, muggle, student council president. She's a sweetheart, but she will take charge when she finds it necessary. She thinks that her family will forever be her closet friend, especially her brother. She's loyal to you once you're her friend, unless you get in the way of her studies. The sorting hat couldn't decide whether to put her in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, but saw that learning is most important to her.
helping others
breaking the rules.
-Patronus Animal; meerkat.
-Boggart; Her family dead.
-Favorite Subject; charms or History of Magic
-Model; Hailee Steinfeld.
-Taken By: Carriedot!
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